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The Penguin Piracy Mod V4

Pirates! Plunderers! Penguins! This mod adds penguin affiliated content, and much more!

  1. ManicRykker

    Quick note: Please view this spoiler for a Q/A, Bug list, a note on compatibility, and a brief installation guide!


    "Does this work with multiplayer?"

    Answer: Not without all users having the mod installed. It introduces unique content that present in the vanilla games, and tweaks the penguins in general considerably.

    "Help! I've run into a bug/something in the mod is crashing my game!"

    Answer: Do not be shy when it comes to telling me of a bug. I do not like seeing users unable to enjoy the mod, so I'm always willing to lend a hand.

    If you ever run into a bug, either throw it down in the discussion thread, or just start a conversation with me.
    For optimal performance, you can really help me find what's going on by describing what the bug is, when it happens, etc.. And more importantly, you can send me your Starbound.log file!

    Even if it's something only occuring on your end, I will at least try to provide some assistance when I am available.


    0a. If you do not plan on using a different race extender, place the PenguinCharacterExtender mod into the mods folder.
    0b. If you do not wish to use the extender that comes with the mod, download the Character Extender you like, if you don't already have one!
    1. Download the mod!
    2. Extract the .zip file.
    3. Place the mod in your mods folder
    4. You're ready to play! (You can find more instructions in the zip if necessary!)


    -Penguins may hold and use certain instruments very weirdly. I don't think there are any offsets I can change to fix this, so I don't think I can do much about this :/
    -Penguins suffocate in spaces that aren't 3 blocks high. There isn't much I can do about this unfortunately.. And it at least isn't too drastic of a bug. The issue is negated once you get an EPP.
    -Some races may look interesting when sleeping or sitting in penguin specific objects, such as the UFO Chair


    While this mod should play nice with other mods, there may be some instances where it may not behave properly. Particularly with:

    -Mods that change the beam up and down animations (due to a mini-mod I created built into the mod, which replaces the vanilla animations with more generic ones, 'cause penguins. (It's called Generic Teleport))
    -Anything that modifies vanilla penguin files.
    -Any mods that introduce tiles that use materialIDs 46000-46100. These are ids I have reserved for the mod, for any future penguin blocks I add.
    -The mod is currently incompatible with the Mad Tulius Spaceship Mod.



    Of the races in the Starbound universe, none are as adorable and mischievous as the little penguin.. and, while it's great that there are two bosses featuring them, and penguin mercenaries we can hire on as crew members.. haven't you ever wished there was more to these flightless birds?.. Perhaps, maybe you have wished you could "play" as a penguin?... Maybe you wish there was more content affiliated with the race?

    Well look no further!

    The Penguin Piracy Mod does just that: It makes the penguin race playable, and aims to add a ton of penguin affiliated content!


    You are a lone penguin agent. Your mission: To get your little flippers on the legendary matter manipulator, so your race can reverse engineer it for the benefit of penguin kind!

    Your mission goes smoothly at first: You knock out a protectorate graduate, hijack their ship for the future escape, and "fill in for them" for the graduation ceremony.

    After taking a quick nap, you nearly miss the ceremony, and then...


    After a tragic chain of events, you are forced to flee planet Earth. Your ship is damaged. You're stranded in the middle of no where. For now, your mission is going to have to wait... for not only will you have to survive, but you are about to get swept up into an even bigger mess...



    This mod offers a ton of neat features:

    -Greatly expands upon the penguin race, allowing them to be playable (through the playable penguin addons), it changes them in the following ways:

    1. gives them a wide range of color options
    2. gives them personality poses
    3. offers a handful of cosmetic accessories for the penguins
    4. makes them glass cannons: They have extremely nerfed health. They are extremely fragile unarmed, and rely on their tactical penguin armor (Which provides heftier buffs to their energy and attack damage!). They perform best by fighting from afar with ranged weapons, or in the safe confines of tunnels.

    they also have bounce physics (a shock induced bounce when they hit the ground at the end of a jump), and slide slightly when standing on uneven surfaces.

    -In terms of content as a playable race, they have:

    1. A recolored Old floran ship AI as the SAIL
    2. A revitalized orbis ship pet, which comes in a vivid range of colors
    3. A recolored (semi-placeholder) apex ship.
    4. Their own race specific flag
    5. A set of clothing that hides wearables
    6. Custom hurtsounds and chattersounds. (penguinoid players also make a cute sound when they jump!)

    -The mod expands penguin npcs. They have access to the expanded namegen, color options, and (in some circumstances) the penguin accessories. The Penguin Piracy mod adds penguin tenants and crewmembers!

    Penguin mercenaries are improved, offering their services for five dubloons, in exchange for packing a larger array of potential weapons (From randomized guns, to flamethrower-like weapons!)

    -Offers tons of penguin affiliated content:

    1. Several crafting stations
    2. A nice handful of decorative objects
    3. Completely legal services that improve your penguin affiliated experience!
    4. Juicy penguin lore and codexes (features malleable lore: It will be tweaked and improved in the event new information is revealed in the vanilla game about the penguins)

    -And much MUCH more! If you want to know more, you'll have to experience it yourself! (If I revealed EVERYTHING in here, it would ruin the surprise wouldn't it?)


    Ok, so the features are all well and good.. But as I mentioned, penguins play quite differently from your average race.

    First, before I go into too much detail on this, let me list the pros and cons of the penguin..:

    -Shorter than other races. Can fit through smaller tunnels. Your hitbox is also smaller, and enemies don't spot you as easily because of this.
    -Penguins are immune to debuffs inflicted from the cold (Be it from enemies, or the freezing temperatures of planets in frozen star systems, they don't mind the cold one bit.)
    -Penguins have 10% higher base attack
    -Penguins have 50 more points of energy
    -Run a little faster than other races, and are excellent swimmers!

    That said, not all is perfect for the little birds...

    -Penguins have 50 less points of base health
    -Penguins slide a bit when standing on uneven surfaces
    -Penguins have a some bounce physics (They have some shock-induced bounce when they hit the ground after a jump, and they are knocked back a bit if they jump into a wall.)

    Chances are, when you first start playing as a penguin, you may find the different physics jarring at first. Don't worry, that is perfectly normal! I felt the same way when I was getting used to them, and it's MY mod. :rofl:

    The secret to success as a penguin, is pretty simple. You just have to follow a few rules:

    1. Be careful and cautious. Don't be reckless with your jumps.
    2. You have the extra energy. USE IT! Don't be afraid to use your special if you are in a dangerous situation.
    3. Get to know your physics: You won't bounce back if you hug a wall before you attempt to jump over it, and you won't slide completely off a surface if you don't panic.

    Once you get past the initial shock, your physics can be pretty predictable, and managable. (And hey. You have to admit it's at least fun bouncing around. :rofl:)


    -Expand the dialog for penguin tenants
    -Replace the penguin apex placeholder with a proper ship (Will probably be much further down the road)
    -Finish adding jukeboxes for the remaining starbound tracks

    -Thoughtful additions to improve the player's experience (Not necessarily penguin specific)

    WISHLIST (Items and features I would like to add, but don't really have any idea on when they would make their way into the mod)

    -More penguin exclusive vehicles
    -more penguin exclusive legendary weapons

    This mod has come a long way since it's previous incarnation I introduced a couple weeks back. I am happy to be a part of this community, and very happy with where my first mod has ended up! I am looking forward to introducing much more content and features in the future!

    If you have any questions or feedback, please drop it in the mod's discussion thread! I want to get this mod as stable and fun as I can, so please don't hold back when it comes to suggestions!

    Have fun!

    I would just like to mention, I "hope" to be able to perform updates and upkeep for this mod as long as possible.. But naturally, due to various things that can happen (Life decides to kick you in the rear, other stuff occupies your time, etc), I may not always be available to keep this alive.

    Therefore, I feel it's important that I give this little message:

    If, at any point in the future, I become unable to update the mod, or I drop off the face of the planet entirely (Respond to NO replies from users, either in the discussion or pm)... And it has been months since the mod has had an update, or is no longer compatible with the latest version of Starbound..

    Any modder can pick up where I left off, with the files supplied from my mediafire, and continue the mod/make it compatible with the latest Starbound in my absence.

    Let the above message be proof of my consent if those circumstances do arise.


    -Cobra5's racebase. I would have never gotten the mod off the ground without it
    -Chucklefish, for any vanilla game assets used in this mod (whether placeholder, modifed, used as a base for something else or reworked), and for creating such a great game.
    -The user Lefl. The Etherbeak vehicle uses a tweaked version of their Shuttle Script.
    -Seraphi's Colorbound mod. Avian colors from the mod are used for some of the penguin's color options.
    -The user Cyel - They provided the script used for the penguin player's jumpsound.
    -The user Dekadrachm - Some items from the assets released version of their Black Market Mod are available in the PenguinPiracyMod.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Chofranc
    Version: V3.2
    The idea is good but is too complicated to install, i had to install one of the optional micro-race with the PenguinPiracyMod folder because with the last alone didn't work, also those micro-races are unnecessary to have as separated races, you should have only PenguinPiracyMod+PPM-MiscTweaks folder only, those micro-races should be cosmetics not separated races.
    1. ManicRykker
      Author's Response
      I have tried to address the complicated install issue.

      I may have found a work around for the issues I have had with armor... So this review might have just caused me to stumble upon something. XD
  2. Admen413
    Version: V1
    The archive is either in unknown format or damaged
    1. ManicRykker
      Author's Response
      Hi! Thanks for the review!

      I just re-uploaded PPM v1 with an attempted fix of the archive. Hopefully that will help
  3. FazgotyAzzSite
    Version: V1
    Penguins. I love penguins. I love them more than all of those ugly, popular race mods combined. What else is there for me to say. Oh, well, i love penguins, i love this mod, i love the new update, and i love you for making it. Keep up the good work, because i certainly will keep frequently checking up on it's progress. Thank you again. P.S. I love penguins.
    1. ManicRykker
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review! ^-^

      I'm really glad you like it!
  4. fyrekat3
    Version: V3
    Could you add this mod on stewm workshop ?
    Becaus is very nice an i would like to play it online more easily.
    1. ManicRykker
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review! ^-^

      As I have mentioned before, I won't be adding the mod to the Steam Workshop for now.

      I plan to eventually, but for now, it's going to remain solely on the forums. I have a bit of clean up/rebranding planned next update (which I have mentioned in the discussion thread.) that would especially make putting the mod in an additional place a bit... "awkward".

      That said, just keep an eye out. The day the mod "does" go up on the Workshop, I will be announcing it here.
  5. lCDP123
    Version: V3
    what does the suspicious beacon do? i placed it and it did nothing
    1. ManicRykker
      Author's Response
      Yeeeaaahh.... The beacon is currently broken. The script it is "supposed" to run, decided to randomly break. I have it fixed in the update I am working on.

      As for what it does?... Just uh... When the next update goes up eventually, place it in a large open area on a planet. Have gear ready. (Your best armor, weapons, healing items, etc.)

      What it does goes into effect the moment it's placed. I don't want to go to deeply into it, as that would ruin the surprise. XD
  6. Queshnaba
    Version: V3
    Cool mod. I always like adding races to change up the feel of the game. As for a ship design may I suggest you go with Dreadwings UFO style. An example was done in a showcase from a few years ago : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxN9vx_9Qg8&ab_channel=FPSrad
    Also may I humbly request if you ever have the chance to get permissions if you could update the Agaran Race mod to work on the current version of the game? Link: http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/playable-agaran.1255/

    Keep up the good work I and am sure others appreciate the work you do good sir.
    1. ManicRykker
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!

      Unfortunately, the Dreadwing style UFO ship is a bit outdated.. I had checked it weeks ago, and I wouldn't really be able to use it without completely reworking it/fixing it to work with the latest version... (And a custom ship isn't really something I've personally bit into yet)

      As for that outdated race... Perhaps. I would just have to look into it I guess. Lol
  7. Zach_Attack
    Version: V3
    Nice mod, 10/5 stars! I wish I could make mods this good :P
    My fav thing is the omnishop and what not :P
    1. ManicRykker
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the review! :D
  8. kingrec
    Version: V2.6
    very nice mod i realy liked it just one problem the penguin trading station is not working
  9. Garus
    Version: V2.4
    First of, a very nice mod bringing back the penguins to custom races.
    Very few bugs so far, exepting those already known or already given by sprites.
    Even guns are held correctly, for penguins.

    I very fast encountered named bugs, or ... features ... anyways clinbing mountains became almost an impossibility, at least for me.

    A very nice mod bringing back old 'features' and hidden gems like pet and Sail.
  10. Admen413
    Version: V2.3
    An entertaining mod if you want to try something new.Although it would have been pretty nice it they had their own custom introductions and missions.
    1. ManicRykker
      Author's Response
      Hi! Thanks for the review.

      I've had penguin quests/missions on my mind for awhile. As of right now, I don't think the mod is "stable" enough content wise for me to jump into that sort of thing.

      I set up the codexes to at least give them "something"...

      I eventually hope to have a complete side penguin story running along the vanilla story.. For now, I've sorta been building up the mod's foundation, so to speak!