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[SMAPI] Portraiture

This Mod allows you to add Portraits with a higher resolution to the game.

  1. 1.0.0

    - Pressing P to change Portrait-Folders now only works when the DialogBox is open.
    - Plays animation if available after switching Folders
  2. 0.9.0 SDV 1.2 Version

    Supports SDV 1.2 Beta & SMAPI 1.9 , may not work in older versions. You can still download the 0.8.0 Version here

    Added Animation support.
    (Leah_0.png would be played before or instead of the Leahs 0 index Portrait. Animations need to have the same portraitsize as the static portrait. Animations with an odd...
  3. 0.8.0

    - Removed the spritesheets from the mod, instead I recommend downloading Ra's Hi-Res version of the DCBurger portraits.
    - Portrait files no longer go directly into '/Mods/Portraiture/Portraits/' but should be put into a folder therein
    - Now also supports XNB files but only in standard resolution
    - Press P in game to switch between Portrait-folders.
  4. Spritesheet included

    I included a complete spritesheet of Leah in 350x350, credit to DCBurger.