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Latest Reviews

  1. <//Cyb3r_R4t>
    Version: 1.0
    i spawned in pixels, but it doesn't seem to work
    1. Zavender
      Author's Response
      Which version of SB are you using? Haven't tested this in a while, may have broke.
  2. Phantomgo
  3. scips28
    Version: 1.0
    A very useful mod
    1. SeekoDestroyer
      Author's Response
      oh yeah mr krabs
  4. BlackDaemon
    Version: 1.0
    Good for multicore systems, making game less lag
  5. ColaDoPudim
    Version: Beta 0.4.8
    i LOVE metroid and starbound, this mod fit like a glove to me
    but i miss the toso and the variation of every armor, like the powersuit and the phazon one, but this mod is awesome =)
    1. SeekoDestroyer
      Author's Response
      Armor will come later, as it is very difficult to sprite.
      I will be taking a break for a while as school has just started and I am tired from constantly updating the past few days.
  6. Warlord27
    Version: 1.1.1
    Its Useful for making a Any Race shop without putting colony deed and also Adding Furniture
  7. Warlord27
    Version: 1.13
    I Really need this i don't want to wait im not a patienceman to wait rest of my life to craft the Weapon,Furniture,Blocks,Armor, and also Clothes
  8. Warlord27
    Version: 1.02-2
    Need to be Balance
    The Problem for the soldier is the last skill called missile airstrike need to be guided missile to target the monster for good than targeting right side.

    The Problem for the knight is slam skill didn't worked for me or just i didn't followed the instruction correctly.

    The Problem for the Wizard don't have any Damage Magic skill for the Monster or enemies its just like sorcerer class.

    The Ninja is Great but OP maybe?

    The Rogue no problem found

    Last not the least Explorer Class No Problem Found Either

    Great Mod By the way i Hope you keep that your Excellent Work and I'm Impressed that you make this possible RPG Classes.
    1. ThornyFlora
      Author's Response
      Hey, thanks!

      Guided Missile would be cool, but the amount of damage it does is huge, so I thought it would be better if you had to aim.

      For the Knight, or anything that requires the [G] key, go to your options menu and configure your controls. You will be able to set [G] as any key.

      Wizard doesn't have any attack techs, sure, but they get great Intelligence scaling, so their Staff damage gets really high.
      I will eventually make more classes, like Necromancer and Warlock, and they would probably have attack techs.

      Ninja is OP :p I will fix this soon.

      Thanks for taking the time to review: means a lot!
  9. ZeGauntlet
  10. jerese
    Version: Wolves Have Eyes - Quick
    Nice mod!!!! Pls if you could bring the "plegaci" again I would love it! Sorry for my english! :c
    1. Roskii Falfeather
      Author's Response
      Hey, thanks! I like the peglaci too. I think there is a team working on restoring them (If I remember right). They're also in Frackin Universe as a non-player race (if I remember right).
  11. sayter
    Version: 1.01
    a great start. Definitely needs balance adjustments (there is zero reason whatsoever to not take a ninja, ever), and I feel Dexterity is not at all well suited to how it should operate. But, a great start and can only improve from here
    1. ThornyFlora
      Author's Response
      hey, thanks a lot for the review! can you explain how you feel about Dexterity in more detail, and why Ninja is too strong?
  12. GonDragon
    Version: 1.3.0
    Awesome Furniture
  13. hellenicshaco
  14. amirmiked12
  15. Warlord27
    Version: 1.8a
    4 years didn't finished the mod even half percent progress to finish this mod but the weapon and armor and also the character creation are great but it didn't impress me
    Don't make a 2 mods if you can't finish or progress them
  16. Warlord27
    Version: 1.4
    Tons of Weapons and Armor
    The Furniture and Blocks is Great
    Vehicle only just one maybe?
    Codex really explain a lot to me wow
    Design of the ship = Great
    Guard has Tier 1 to 6
    Merchant,Villager and also miner
    Custom tech skin, Microdungeon or dungeon, rails (you really put more effort)
    Race design = Great

    PS : Long Review in 3 days and 1.1 Hours 5 minutes 4 second.
  17. DoeToKnow
    Version: 0.3.4
    The mod looks good but the species isn't working for me.....
  18. Warlord27
    Version: 0.3.4
    Darkness is remain calm but they continue they're playthings until the only left is ashes of they're enemies bury on the abyss graveyard
  19. Dracosity
    Version: Version v0.7.1(Direct)
    The design is somewhat eccentric, but I'm interested to see how far you will take this and what you will do next.
  20. activate