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Manufacturer's Touch

Weapons manufacturers now have an effect on randomly generated weapons.

  1. Hotfix


    Fixed most manufacturers ending up without elements for most weapons (or with strange elements).
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  2. Hotfix 1.2.4

    Frackin' Universe Compatibility
    Weapon generation now supports the new elemental types from FU. If you have FU installed, cosmic, radioactive, and shadow elements will spawn on manufacturer weapons.

    The following manufacturers have these elements:

    Custom: Cosmic, radioactive, shadow

    Manaticon: Cosmic, radioactive, shadow

    Necrolix: Radioactive, shadow

    Shade Co.: Shadow

    Xia-Li: Cosmic, radioactive...
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  3. Hotfix 1.2.3

    • Fixed decimal places being fully shown, resulting in critical stats being pushed off of the tool tip.
    • Number of digits after the decimal can be determined in the options.config file, by setting "criticalStatDecimalCount" to the desired number of digits.
    • Added checks for loading the options file, causing the game to instead ignore the file when it has syntax issues, and instead load default options. This should...
  4. Hotfix 1.2.2

    • Fixed issue with gun tooltips having incorrect spacing at the bottom.
    • Fixed issue with common shortswords having manufacturer's that it wasn't suppose to be able to have
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  5. Hotfix 1.2.1


    • Added 4 new blade designs for broadswords

    • Fixed Teklacki broadswords having a 69.5% chance to spawn without blades.
  6. Update 1.2.0

    • All plasma projectiles are now slower moving plasma orbs that bounce off of walls
    • Electric travel the fastest, but only bounce once
    • Fire travels the second fastest
    • Ice travels the slowest, but has higher power
    • Poison travels at the same speed as fire
    • Assault rifles have some weapon parts unique to Manaticon
  7. Hotfix 1.1.5

    • Added "disableOnEnergyExhaustionStatus" to the config file. If set the true, then the shock effect for Xia-Li weapons won't happen. Useful if you don't want to deal with the annoyance, or if friendly Npcs keep killing themselves.
    • Really fixed hammers being swung wildly. I'm pretty sure. Let's pretend the last fix for this was just a...
  8. Hotfix 1.1.4

    • Custom weapons don't have any special modifications now (before they had small little changes, usually only around 3% difference).
    • Fixed an issue where NPCs would sometimes flail their weapons (usually only for hammers) around strangely instead of attacking.
    • Fixed an issue where some alt abilities for physical weapons would result in a fatal...
  9. Hotfix 1.1.3

    • Bobots now take extra damage from explosive weapons.
    • Callox, Necrolix, and Rotik have some new weapon palettes
    • The game now correctly detects when Frackin' Universe is loaded, and won't show critical stats when it isn't
    • Weapon tool tips have been adjusted for better spacing, and they are now longer to allow for compatibility with Weapon Reinforce Pod / Weapon Reinforcer
  10. Update 1.1.2 ~ Starbound 1.2

    The number seems like a hotfix, because this doesn't quite have enough content to warrant a new number, but at the same time a ton is changed.

    This mostly just fixes a lot of bugs, and adds does a ton of internal changes for the mod. Not that much interesting things going on for a mod user, but it's necessary.


    • Rotik weapons cannot spawn as burst, as it interacts weirdly with their scaling...