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MadTulip`s Spaceship Mod Rev. 865

Spaceship: Block by Block; Objects like Thrusters; Space mechanics; Landable!, Flyable Scoutships

  1. madtulip
    Mod by HuggableCreep, MadTulip, TooManySecrets, thesidofevil (since rev 776) and thakyZ (since rev 808).

    Doccumentation is currently limited. WIP.

    The mod is about building your own spaceship block by block. When you start a new character you get a small starting ship like the one in the image below (human version) which features a Shipstation. On your Shipstation you can craft all the components of the spaceship you see (like the large fin) and many more. Ressource requirements for the individual parts span over some tiers of ore. Another craftingstation which you will need to build in the process is the Metalpress which is available at the Shipstation as well.

    There is also some Spaceship physics or mechanics included which i.e. let you float with zero gravity in space or damage your character if your ship has a hull breach. The little fan you see on the left side is a life support system. These are required to stay healthy onboard your ship while not wearing a space suit. Mechanics like theese that put some constrains on the ship beeing functional are also a topic of this mod which is not as well developed as the pure modelling of the ship so far though.

    Next to that there are also smaller vessels like landing pods (block by block ships which you can one-click deploy on planet surfaces as an initial base) and WASD controllable scoutships (mech similar newtonian one seat mini spaceships).

    Content (Rev. 811):
    - Build your ship block by block.
    - A lot of craftable decorative spaceship items like fins and thrusters for all races.
    - Float outside of your spaceship
    - Life support system detecting hull breaches.
    - Deployable landing pods which let you land shuttles (similar to the one in the image below) on planets with a single click. You can later on even scan in your own creations with the Building Scanner and Building Scanner marker in principle allowing you to land your whole spaceship on planets.
    - Scoutships; (mech similar, WASD moveable, newtonian flight skimmers)
    - Mining Pod (mech similar, WASD moveable, mines downwards,slow skimmer)

    Human starter ship example:

    - Performance Patch

    Some people experience performance problems with a large number of life support vents. Those systems are quite CPU heavy due to the bad performance of the underliing runtime interpreted lua language. If you download the mods zip file there is a "madtulip_no_life_support.zip" file inside the main mods zip file. It contains a small patch which disables the life support to increase your systems performance. You can install that patch by extracting the content of the "madtulip_no_life_support.zip" to your mods folder as well. It is just another small "mod" if you want to understand it that way. By installing the no life support performance patch you can deactivate the negative effect/debuff a lack of life support system normaly gives the player. You can then remove all the life support objects from your ship and just play without their negative impact on performance.
    This performance patch can be added or removed at any time without influencing your savegames. You just have to restart starbound. For a multiplayer game however it is required that everyone (server and clients) all use the patch or all do not use the patch.

    - Modules in a box:

    For instructions about this functionality please see Rev. 172 patch notes and theese 2 videos.:
    Show Spoiler

    Deployment of Building printers or "modules":

    Scanning and deploying:

    - Review of this mod by RockPaperShotgun and others
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    - Known Bugs:
    - none

    - Install
    It is in general a good idea to delete (first backup) your saved characters and ships before installing or updating this mod. (\giraffe_storage\player\*)

    - Install for a preexisting character
    1. Goto C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\giraffe_storage\player and make a backup of the content
    2. Start the game and move all items and objects you wish to keep from your ship to a planet or your inventory.
    3. Goto C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\giraffe_storage\player
    4. Locate the file with .shipworld extension and delete it. If there are multiple each of them corresponds to one of your characters. The one that changed last is usualy the one belonging to the character you played last.
    5. Start the game with your character. As its shipworld (the file containing the ship) cant be found a fresh starting one from this mod will be installed.

    - YES
    - All parties (all clients and the server) need to have the exact same files.

    - Race Mods
    If you want to use this mod with custom races i recommend taking a look at this example 3rd party mod which i wrote for the ningen race.:
    The working principle is as follows.: The third party mod is dependend on both this mod and the ningen race mod. Therefor it loads last overwriting all changes done by the one or the other. It then makes the required changes to universe_server.config in order to define the links required for the ningen race to use the human starter ship of this mod.

    As a race mod autor you can use this 3rd party mod as a template and also create a i.e. /ship/ningen folder in that 3rd party mod which could i.e. initialy contain a copy of our humand ship from /ships/human. You can then rename the files and alter them as you would like your races starting ship to look while beeing used with out mod. If you as race mod autor contact us, we will link our race as compatible here.

    - Currently supported custom Races and required compatibility mods
    - Ningen Race Compatibility Mod -> File

    - Ships made by users:
    Contest winner MagicHunter160:
    Show Spoiler

    By syteless :
    By Reetno :
    By rancor1223 :
    By kingdavve:
    By JakeZ:
    By Pohany:


    By Xentor Antarix:

    - Credits:
    - Module In A Box code was developed by Pilchenstein & MadTulip
    - VasVadum for helpfull suggestions and ShipStation filter code
    - Cgeta for suppliing images for computer screen objects
    - FormalRiceFarmr for his horizontal door code.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Deerdancer
    Version: Rev. 865
    But i want avali race :'c
  2. Cybopper
    Version: Rev. 865
    Great mod, but one... major problem. I think with the .shipworld file gone, S.A.I.L forgot I rebooted it, and now it says i need to reboot. This would be fine, except for one thing... There is no command in the sail hub to reboot the A.I. Please help... I really want this mod to work soooooooooooooooooo bad. It sounds like so much fun.
  3. nukenach
    Version: Rev. 865
    Best mod for me
  4. procat
    Version: Rev. 865
    this would be a great mod if it were friendly server side, the other unnecessary add ons make the mod too much. but it's still really cool too.
    1. madtulip
      Author's Response
      there are no unncessary addons in the mod. get some descent hardware instead of complaining about execution time of the software .....................
  5. NuclearPotato
    Version: Rev. 865
    This mod is awesome, but just one teeny-tiny question:

    Can you make this compatible with the Vulpen MK. 2 mod? I would love to see that, but other than that, THIS MOD IS AWESOME!
    1. madtulip
      Author's Response
      if thats a race mod then theres a link on the main page under the "race mods" section which gives a template for adding compatibility with other race mods. ask the race mods author.
  6. CaptainxEdd
    Version: Rev. 863
    Very cool mod, can't wait to start decking out my entire ship : D. I like the landing pod idea, though, I hate using an auto builder for these types of games :c. That's just me though lol
  7. IndorilMiara
    Version: Rev. 852
    Absolutely excellent mod. Does *almost* everything I wanted. The only request I would make would be optional integration with the stock ship licenses system.

    I was thinking that, in terms of in-game explanation, there be a maximum volume the FTL drive can carry, and that getting updated ship licenses would increase this volume. This way you get the flexibility and customization of the mod, but still have the vanilla space restrictions that get more relaxed as you progress through the game.

    If you're okay with it, I may look into making an optional patch that does this, just for my own use (which I'd share with you, madtulip and you could do what you want with it). I've been looking for a modding project to wet my feet with and I feel like that's a neat idea.
    1. madtulip
      Author's Response
      If you take a look at the captainchir in my mod the execution of its popup window is not called by the .object file but from a lua script instead. This was done to later on code conditions for using your FTL in lua. As a rought scetch of current ideas this conditions would include counting the number of blocks and objects your ship is made of to determine its weight. counting the number and strength of thrusters installed, counting the number of reactors and such. Based on that there would be design restriction for your ship. In the same rule context the currently maximum allowed "mass" of the ship could be restricted based on your supposed ship upgrades. The whole thing is just a bunch of thoughts so far and might be implemented at some day when i find the time for it.
  8. starbirdie
    Version: Rev. 852
    Good workings!
  9. jayer31889
    Version: Rev. 852
    Amazing mod, loving the content! The only problem im having is if i remove an outside tile from the ship, no matter what suit i have on it seems to "suffocate" me with the damage from having the ship open....kinda makes it a little difficult to make a new ship
    1. madtulip
      Author's Response
      you can equip a spacesuit instead of a "tech suit" to prevent this. if you dont like the effect there is also the option to install the "performance no life support patch" which is included as a .zip in the .zip the mod comes in.
  10. Albussystems
    Version: Rev. 852
    So much to craft :)
    I really liked that you gave all the parts material costs!
    The Scout-ship tech is wonderful, one of the most useful mounts and it works so perfectly :D
    You should think about promoting the Scout-ship on the overview page with a pic ;)

    The only thing i hope you'll add are the rest of the ship-parts. Especially the cockpit parts and smaller pieces.
    Otherwise this mod is nicely done and working perfectly!
    Thank you for this!