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ISE4-Reconstruction BETA 1.4.8

An inspired mod from Minecrafts Tech Mods, IC2/Thermal Expansion/Mekanism

  1. Patch Notes: 1.4.8 Separate to Manipulate

    • Added an upgraded version of the Crusher & Moulding Kiln (doesn't use the upgrade button as of yet) which now takes responsibility of Titanium and Durasteel
    • Rotary Crusher & Induction Moulding Kiln is now Legendary and requires Tech 3 Components

    • Fixed Spelling Mistake to Moulding Case
    • Lowered Tri-titanium bars to making Tri-Titanium gears to 1
    • Removed Tri-titanium bar from Moulding Kiln Mk.1

    • Now if i could...
  2. Patch Notes 1.4.7: Treasure me pools

    * Extended ISE4 Main quest line (end of Tech 1/start of tech 2)
    * Added Sub quests for Machines with bonus rewards
    * Added Amethyst, Topaz, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire to Pressurized press recipes
    * Bonsai and Miniature Rubber tress can now be found on all (most) planets,with varying rates
    * Added Tin, Gems and Gem Pickaxes to Treasure Pools

    * Returned Tiny Pile Recipe from 2 to 4 and Fragments from 4 to 8
    * Doubled the drops from Ore plants, but reduced the seed drop...
  3. Patch Notes 1.4.6

    * Light Oil was removed due to no use/idea for any use what so ever
    * Empty Tin Cells, saw no point into this
    * Filled Cells, Again, saw no point, might as well use Crushed Ores directly into seeds

    * Returned the 2 Tabs on the planting lab back
    * Merged Metal plants seeds and Gem plants seeds into one tab
    * Tiny Piles to bars dropped from 4 to 2
    * Gem Fragments dropped from 8 to 4
  4. Patch Notes STOP BEING SO SALTY

    Why is it that ise4salt always seems to break something, hopefully this time the salt radio message wont duplicate with something or someone else's salt modname
  5. Patch Notes 1.4.5

    * Tons of recipes have been altered slightly or significantly, to balance it more, and reduce grinding
    * Added Vanilla.ogg sounds to most machines to make them sound appropriate
    * Changed Diamond Colour via Ore Detector to be a more Lighter blue, since, you know, its technically lighter blue than Sapphire

    * Teleporter Cores can also be bought using the other 5 Gems, for the same price
    * Added Electrum Bar and salt to Ursa Miner and give them a price tag
    * Can turn...
  6. Patch Notes 1.4.4

    * added diamond core
    * added ruby core
    * added sapphire core
    * added emerald core
    * added topaz core
    * added amethyst core
    * added eridium ore
    * added eridium super pickaxe (Has more durability)
    * added eridium super drill (Mines faster)

    * Removed Earth based blocks from Mineral Harvester and changed oreList to also acquire Core Fragments and Gems (Again)
    * added a few more Liquid listings for the Liquid Pump, to try and make it more useful rather than useless
    * (By...
  7. Patch Notes V1.4.3 & Frackin' Universe Patch

    * Returned the "Mineral Harvester" back to Tech 2 from Tech 3 with a Recipe change
    * Liquid Pump is now Tech 1 instead of Tech 2, with a Recipe change
    * Tin Colouring as been changed to be a more of a Darker Yellow, along with its sibling changes (Ore, Dust, Tiny Pile, Ect)
    * Gems are no longer supieror to Diamond, instead, Diamonds are back to being Supieror, down to Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz, and Amethyst respectifully
    * Price changed with Gems from Diamonds down to Amethyst...
  8. Patch Notes V1.4.2

    * Reduced Tech Level of Planting Lab from Tech 2 to Tech 1, and reduced Recipes a bit, allowing you to acquire it sooner, than later
    * Restored Categories of all items (This was making items confused, and going in the wrong categories, sorry)
    * Rebalanced the oreListings, it no longer draws Liquids, reduced Ore rates, increased block rates, removed some block collections
    * Renamed "Electric Mining Drill" to "Mineral Harvester"
    * No longer need Violium to make Gear3, instead, now...
  9. Patch Notes V1.4.1: OP MINER, IS OP

    * Fixed issue of Gems not showing up in Kilns from Gem Fragments

    * Reduced Gem requirement to make seeds, 25 to 15
    * Reduced Crushed Ores to cell requirements, 500 to 300
    * Reduced Output of Tin Cells from 2 to 1, and increased Recipe count requirement of Tin from 1 to 2
    * Reduced Fuel strength of "Enhanced Erchius Fuel" from +14 to +4
    * Removed the ability to find Gem(s) from the Electric Mining Drill, but still serves a huge support in gathering materials
    * Removed the...
  10. Patch Notes V1.4: Eridium Updated Part 2

    * Added Scorchedcity to OreLoadout for the Electric Miner

    By bk3k: * Added the ability to the miner to allow it to continue to work, regardless if your near it, or not even being on the planet, via a Tick calculation, returning to the miner will credit you ticks, that would have been, had you stood next to it, Tick calculations will be reset if you quit the game

    * Added an Eridium Experimental Table, which can be crafted Via Inventors Table Mk.3, this is the end...