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Industrialization: Starbound Edition BETA 1.6.9

(ISE4-R) A mod, inspired from Industrial Craft2, Thermal Expansion, Mekanism and more

  1. Patch Notes

    • Gems are now split among stars and spawn chance doubled
      • Gentle - Amethyst
      • Temperate - Topaz
      • Radioactive - Emerald
      • Frozen - Sapphire
      • Fiery - Ruby
    • Re-balanced Gem Pickaxes to be more tiered based, than just Diamond stats, meaning Ruby (Being on Fiery planets) now mines faster, has more Durability, and has a larger mining zone
    • Removed Gems and Gem Pickaxes from Treasure pools
    • Increased the Pixel income from Upgraded Refinery from +30% to +50%...
  2. Patch Notes

    * Completely removed the Modules from the mod
    * Added Silver bars to Large Gem storage recipes
    * Added upgradeable tier Augments in replace of the Module slots
    * Split up the Jewellery Workshop tabs from 2 to 4
    * Added an Upgraded Refinery which increase Pixel income of 30%
    * Reduced Salvage Press Recipes
  3. Patch Notes

    • Fixed an over looked issue that rendered the Power Core Useless by using the Enhanced Fuel instead of Liquid Fuel
  4. Patch Notes

    Fixed an issue that stopped Power Core and Advance Power Core from showing
  5. Update Notes

    * Update Machine tab graphics to be more explanatry and easier to understand
    * Liquid Extractor now has 4 tabs instead of 2
    * Renamed Carbon Steel to Steel Bar
    * Added oil to Steel recipe
    * Added obsidian to the Black Hole module recipe
    * Completely removed Heavy and Light oil, as they where no longer required
    * Added more blocks to the recycler
    * Added Liquid Slime as a seconday way of getting lubricant
    * Discription fixes
    * Recipes adjusted
    * Reduced Ore Plant Nugget/Fragment output from 4...
  6. Patch Notes

    • Fixed that Miner would find the out-dated Vanilla Uranium instead of the ISE4's Uranium-235
    • Upped the spawn rate of Uranium-235 slightly
    • Changed Battery and Chip set recipes
    • Bug Fixes
  7. Patch Notes: Uranium-235 and the Mass Fabricator are here!

    * Added New Ore: Uranium-235
    * Uranium-235 can be found by the ore detector being a dark green block
    * Added Uranium Rod
    * Added 10.Mw Uranium Isotope (Fuel/battery)
    * Added New Machine: Mass Fabricator
    * Added New Item: Proton Matter
    * Mass Fabricator needs batteries to work and will consume A LOT of TIME
    * Eridium Bar now needs Proton Matter to make Eridium Bar
    * Renamed the Miner and Pump mini discription from "Batteries not included" to "Insert battery or Isotope"
    * Some...
  8. Patch Notes

    * Added a new Machine: Salvager Press
    * Minor changes and bug fixes
  9. Update Notes

    * Returned Enhanced Erchius Fuel back to Depleted batteries
    * Reduced Tri-Titanium bars from Tri-Titanium grears to 1
    * Removed Modules (Except Blackhole module)
    * Removed Upgradable Carbon Pickaxes
    * Renamed Carbon Armor to Nano Armor
    * Renamed Carbon Pickaxe to Nano Pickaxe
    * Uppded Level of Nano Armor from 4 to 7 (Making it more powerful than your Final Vanilla armor)
    * Expanded Recipes of Nano Armor and Pickaxe greatly (Making it extremely expensive, but worth it)
    * Enhanced Nano Pickaxe...
  10. Minor Update

    • Increased Ore plant yield from 1 to 4
    • Added Salt recipe to Liquid Extractor
    • Replaced Enhanced Erchius Fuel with liquid poison to used batteries recipes