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Humanoid dragon race 1.06

A mod that adds a race of playable half-dragons.

  1. Flight and horn styles!

    Added 1 new armor set
    Added a flight sword and flight tech
    Added horn styles
    Changed some block sprites
    Fixed some ugly sprites
  2. More bug Fixes and stuff

    Fixed Flesh sword bug
    Added craftable furniture to the blocksmith crafting station
    Added a fancy new bed
    Fixed some ship furniture
  3. More Weapons + some bug fixes

    Fixed (Hopefully) ship bug
    Added a few new weapons
    Added new craftable objects
    Resprited some clothes and armors
    Fixed Raptor Egg image bug
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  4. New ship + Slight resprite

    I fixed the ship upgrade bug, and I also added a new ship design. Beware of the ship update before installing.
    I also slightly fixed the Draconis' wings and tail. Hopefully, the race will look a bit nicer.
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  5. Resource update

    I'm checking to see if this will work.
  6. Hopefully an update now

    Fixed a couple of minor bugs, plus I'm checking to see if this post will actually update the resource.
  7. More stuff

    Hello. I have added a place accessible by teleporters. Similar to the ark, but still quite different. I also added some npcs, and some armor pieces.
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  8. New respawning animation + Flesh Synthesizer

    Yay! A new death animation and a crafting station.
    I'm planning to possibly add more complex crafting and better effects.
  9. More bug fixes

    Hey guys. I looked through all of the files and changed the names from sktest to Dragon to remove most bugs. Now I feel as if I can add more content and continue with this mod. I balanced the fu racial abilities, but I plan to update them as needed.
  10. Please be less buggy

    Hey. Thanks for documenting the bugs. I keep missing them, although, they are rather obvious. I balanced the frakin' races a bit more.
    Ice weakness %100
    Electric weakness %75
    Shadow weakness %75
    Fire resistance %75
    Extreme and regular heat immunity
    Big jump boost
    Fall damage immunity