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Halobound - Complete HALO Mod 1.9.5

By Magma Claw and Xentonic

  1. Magma Claw

    This mod plans to add a variety of HALO weapons, NPC's and many more HALO themed equipment and features. Currently there are a ton of features planed which are slowly but steadily being added.

    Currently this mod is being worked on by:

    Magma Claw: Original Owner, Coder, Spriter
    Xentonic: Secondary Coder, Spriter and Planner
    Dvsfx: Spriter, Ideas and Editing

    Artwork1 protoype.png
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    BASE SPRITE FOR ELITE RACE, did this in like 30min so don't expect it to be AMAZING >.>" ( This will be modified and improved upon greatly):
    Elite promo1.png
    When fully complete, users can pick head variations, colors, design/patter variations and also gender (hopefully). On full release, I will also add in tiered armor sets, (copper, iron, steel and so on). If you think this needs to be spiced up in a certain way, leave a pm :) always accepting ideas. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THIS IMAGE IN ANY MODS/PACKAGES/VIDEOS, unless permission is granted by me :)

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    Pics for next update!
    all.png (Currently under color correction)
    PLEASE REVIEW AFTER DOWNLOADING, Xentonic and I, put our valuable free time to work on this mod and to add onto what is already on here. We do this knowing that we have other much more important work to do than this. We do do this so that you, the audience can enjoy what people with the capability to create marvellous things can do and for you to enjoy what we spend our time one. Voting will meant a great deal to us, as it shows the user satisfaction and also shows us that people actually care and that they are having fun with what we have done.

    Mirror Download link for those who cant get Nexus to work:



    Outdated Video, just watch the weps on it

    Copy and paste the file inside the zip into the mods folder :)

    Planed Features:
    • Add ALL the weapons.
    • Add ALL the grenades.
    • Add ALL the vehicles as techs.
    • Add ALL the armor abilities as techs.
    • Add two new planet types: Forerunner Halo Installation and Forerunner Shield Installation
    • Add new biomes: Forerunner (for the Halos and Shield installations) and Flood.
    • Add a new race: Sangheili (Elite), Jiralhanae (Brute), Maybe Kig-Yar (Jackal), Maybe Unngoy (Grunt), Maybe Yanme'e (Drone/Bugger).
    • Add new monsters: The Flood and all of their different forms. Flood Form list: Infection Form, Carrier Form, Combat Form, Gravemind (Boss), Juggernaut Form, Stalker Form, Ranged Form, Tank Form, Infector Form, Transport Form, Stealth Form
    • Add new weather event: Flood Invasion (Almost like asteriods but the spawn flood instead. Check out the invasion weather mod to get an idea.)
    • Add MJOLNIR Armor: I would like to add different variants for different races. EX: Basic MarkV for human, Hayabusa for Hylotl (since it kinda has a samurai look to it), and others.
    • Add NPCs of the races in halo: Sangheili (Elite), Kig-yar (Jackal), Unngoy (Grunt), Jiralhanae (Brute), Huragok (Engineer), Yanme'e (Drone/Bugger), Mgalekgolo (Hunter)
    • Add new decoration items based on forge materials.
    • Add new wire items based on human/covenant/forerunner buttons/doors/panels
    If you have any problems/crashes, please contact Xentonic as he is now in charge of almost all coding. For him to able to help you will have to show him your strabound.log file found in the Starbound base directory.
    Next Update:


    1.9.5 - +Armour fixes +HALO theme music for main menu! (Sounds amzing!!!!!!) +New instructions file inside the .zip
    1.9.1 - +Plasma grenades (they stick!) +Plasma shield +One handed pistol (light and heavy, light is 1 handed) +Armour (PRE) +MORE!
    1.8.1 - Latest, with grenades!
    1.7 - Latest with recosntruction
    1.6 - Needle Rifle and Modified version, actual HALO sounds and new categories!
    1.4-1.5 - Added many new things! (Including Assualt Rifle and easy installation method)
    1.3 - Needler is in!
    1.2 - Battle rifle + few more changes
    1.1 - A destructive Plasma Rifle that destroys blocks :p *Keep your hands and face out of the way!*
    1.0 - Initial Release
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. BashSlash
    Version: 1.9.5
    Also maybe you could add a new ore for the MJOLNIR armor. Sorry for all the ideas but this is an AWSOME mod and there aren't a lot of good halo mods out their and this one really takes the cake. I think this mod has room for even more potential. But still, wonderful job on this mod, it surely is top notch. GREAT JOB! Don't stop now!
  2. ReaperFan1
    Version: 1.9.5
    Since I was a little kid my first game I have ever played was halo 2, I fell complettly inlove with it. More than about the suposed "mindless" action, but the art, enviroment, the feelings and god that music. MMmm I Bloody love halo, so for you to create this mod,
    and att the same time being completly dedicated I give you my support as you have allso proven to be totaly repektfull towards the material of the Halo franchies. I want to make a suggestion, that if you have the time, to make the flood a playable race. Great mod, keep on going, love you, and never give up.
  3. Madude
    Version: 1.9.5
    Great mod for Starbound, menu music was a nice touch
    1. Magma Claw
      Author's Response
      Thanks, can't believe people still using this mod xD
  4. Fabio Flinstone
    Fabio Flinstone
    Version: 1.9.5
    From the first time I saw this while you were making it, to now, it's improved heaps. I love the new updates & I can't wait for the new races!!! Deserves 5 stars easily.
  5. keetaro
    Version: 1.9.5
    great mod used the other halo mod before i found this one but think this one looks much better
    1. Magma Claw
      Author's Response
      I am working on a game atm, but I may come back tot this :P
  6. quackqauckwoo
    Version: 1.9.5
    Amazing mod. It's nice to see some mods about one of my favorite games. Keep up the good work and you should add some vehicles like the warthog or something like that :D
  7. dawnstorme
    Version: 1.9.5
    I keep getting duplicate item name..energysword..cannot figure out what to take out...
    1. Magma Claw
      Author's Response
      Energy sword inst in yet :/ thays why u get it, just ignore it
  8. MisterG
    Version: 1.9.5
    This was the first mod I ever installed, and it's still my favourite.

    If you like halo, this is the mod for you.
  9. Enzam
    Version: 1.9.5
    This mod is VERY well made, can't wait to play as an elite. You guys did awesome, keep up the great work!
    1. Magma Claw
      Author's Response
      Thanks guys, you comments make me happy, I have lots of problems with life and I don't know if I can solve any :"(
  10. pkk007007
    Version: 1.9.5
    best mod ever!