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FrackinUniverse 5.4.15

Enhance your starbound experience in every area. Massive mod.

  1. 5.4.15

    • Rather than a brochure in a shiplocker, all Lush biomes now have an additional dungeon. This small medical hut contains a familiar face who will now reward you with the location upon quest completion. You can no longer craft the brochure, but you also won't need to (since you can easily get one from any lush world)

    • armor categories have been improved, meaning that their names are more descriptive and should inform you of their tier once in your inventory

    • moved the...
  2. 5.4.14

    • energy packs have a slightly increased block-per-tick regen rate
    • reduced overall Burrower spawns, adding them into the main spawn pools for their biomes rather than a unique Burrower pool
    • corrected a lua error some npcs called in combat causing a script hang that would pause play for several moments
    • Hunter and Bounty Hunter chatter edited for floran and glitch...
  3. 5.4.133

    • corrected Coral Stingblade combo. it got mucked up when adjusting weapons recently
    • Elder Altars should work again
    • mace damage balancing
    • dark magma biome generation corrections
    • shields got some stat tweaks
    • corrected some minor tech issues
    • adjusted collision box for raptors a bit. still not perfect. but better.
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  4. 5.4.13

    • contest winner entries for maces have been added! a big thanks to Ashey, Gezbo, Freetorule and Sacre and Dagnez for the killer entries! 24 new maces now await your murderous intentions.

    • added new tech "Lance Dash" which increases your damage for a brief moment after your dash, ideal for early game hit-and-run tactics, shield bash openings and

    • added the above bonus to Phase Sprint, during the dash

    • battle packs now also provide Shield Bash bonuses

    • Bees...
  5. 5.4.12

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  6. 5.4.1hotfix2

    stupid travel. fixed.
  7. 5.4.0hotfix

    corrects fuel travel issue
  8. 5.4.0


    This update focuses on weapons. Specifically, weapon types and making them all viable options to the player (as well as adding new types!). There are several changes, and I suggest you read them as your favorite weapon type might be affected.

    However, first....
    • Despite being great for non-oceanic worlds, due to overwhelmingly consistent issues with ocean planets generating...
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  9. 5.4


    • added special Katana loot! (Patron benefit)

    • new Stim: Devils Bargain (Patron benefit)

    • new weapon: Grinder (Patron benefit)

    • the Triton can now traverse pus without being affected

    • Isogen and Pyreite armors are 60% resistant to their native element, rather than 50%, giving them actual ability to survive in those environments

    • added Frost Rotter to Ice Wastes and Dark Ice Wastes...
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  10. 5.3.99

    • Fixes lab directory

    • a fix for all further generated ocean biomes. While FU didn't directly cause the weird tree issue, it was due in part to the new large planet sizes. So I have removed some limiting done in vanilla, instead. This should allow oceans to generate properly, if a bit less flat underwater.
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