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CN More Farming: Revitalization v4.6.73

Want to spice up your kitchen with a multitude of ingredients, well now you can, again!

  1. ColonolNutty
    This mod is now on steam too! Check it out here: CN More Farming: Revitalization


    What Does This Mod Do?

    This mod is an update to TheBigBlueSerpent's MoreFoodMod and a continuation of More Farming by Mackinz, which added a ton of crops and a ton of different foods to the game. CN More Farming: Revitalization does the same, but in a more polished and developed way - as you go harvesting crops and crafting new foods to eat, you'll uncover new recipes which you can use to create even more varieties of food. Ever wanted to eat a boiled artichoke or some scrambled eggs in Starbound? Well, now you can! It's even compatible with Frackin' Universe!

    This mod adds almost 200 new consumable items to game, as well as 30+ new crops which you can purchase as seeds at the Terramart or find on your travels to new planets. On top of that, it also adds interesting new appliances to your available crafting stations, and also changes how you harvest a few of the vanilla crops.

    At a later point in time, I hope to go over every aspect of the mod in detail, but I will start with the stores and go from there.

    (Almost everything below includes the original description, and as such, it may become outdated as aspects of the mod are updated to accommodate the latest version of starbound and beyond)

    Your New Favorite Shopping Center(s)

    As I said before, this mod adds a fresh shipment of new items to be sold at the Terramart.


    What can be found here? In addition to their existing wares, the Terramart now sells various produce and seeds from More Farming.


    This is your main source for more crop seeds to expand your farms if you are not satisfied with your existing yields, and also allows access to crops which don't yet have a farmable plant available in your area.

    However, that is not all. The Infinity Express was also interested in expanding its wares to increase sales. Who can blame them?


    At the Infinity Express, in addition to their existing miscellaneous items like Liquid Erchius and Processors, you can find the most important items in the universe...


    Tasty snacks!

    ...and cooking ingredients.


    Though there is benefit to be had in producing your own ingredients for your dishes, the Infinity Express serves as a way to obtain necessary or optional ingredients like Cooking Oil, Salt and Ketchup, as well as packages of powdered ingredients like Flour, Yeast and Sugar. Particularly important is the Sugar - word through the grapevine is that there is a retiring bounty hunter with a soft-spot for pastries. You might need some in the future! Keep it in mind!​

    For the Survivalist in All of Us

    Not everyone is keen on making trips to the grocery store to buy ingredients that can be made at home. After obtaining your seeds from exploring (or the Terramart - we don't judge), you'll need ways to shape these ingredients into food. Fortunately, you can do so with a bit of metallurgy.

    At the universally-standard Wooden Crafting Table, you can find three new objects that can be crafted: the Hand Butter Churn, the Hand Mill, and the Hand Press.

    Each object requires some wood and a smidgen of Iron to craft, and is necessary to transform ingredients.
    • Hand Butter Churn (6 Iron Bars, 8 Wooden Planks) - Churns Milk and Cream into Butter.​
    • Hand Mill (4 Iron Bars, 4 Wooden Planks) - Grinds various produce into powdery items like Flour, Sugar and Cornmeal.​
    • Hand Press (4 Iron Bars, 2 Wooden Planks) - Used to produce Cocoa Butter.​

    Useful as they may be, however, Iron just is not strong enough a material to do everything necessary to be a chef. That is why you need Steel.

    At the Iron Crafting Table, several new tools are available: the Blender, the Coffee Machine, the Fridge, the Ice Machine, the Microwave, and the Basic Oven.


    Due to wiring necessities and durability requirements, all objects here require Steel and Copper.
    • Blender (4 Steel Bars, 2 Glass Blocks) - Used to turn solid produce like Grapefruit, Lemons and Red Apples into healthy juices.​
    • Coffee Machine* (4 Steel Bars, 2 Glass Blocks) - Toss in some Roasted Coffee Beans and watch them bred!​
    • Fridge* (8 Steel Bars, 4 Copper Bars) - You will need somewhere to store your food, right? You aren't planning on eating all of it at once, I hope...​
    • Ice Machine (6 Steel Bars, 4 Copper Bars) - Ever find yourself in need of ice? Throw some Liquid Water in, and you will find it freezes rather quickly!​
    • Microwave* (4 Steel Bars, 1 Copper Bar) - Provides a quick way to cook foods, as an alternative to an open flame.​
    • Basic Oven* (6 Steel Bars, 2 Copper Bars) - A standard gas-range oven that cooks like any campfire or microwave.​

    ( * = Part of Vanilla Starbound - recipe is added by the mod)

    Even Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

    First time users of More Farming may end up confused on how to obtain recipes to craft new foods. Don't be - just play like normal, because several items you pick up will teach you new recipes to cook. As you encounter new produce, over time you will learn several new recipes. Pick up Rice, for example, and you will learn how to make Riceballs. Craft Bread with Wheat and you will learn how to make varieties of French Toast. Purchase some Eggs or Milk from the Terramart and you will figure out how to make Scrambled Eggs, and Ice Creams!

    Just like in the real world, experimentation is necessary to find new things - More Farming is no exception to that.

    And, not only can you learn more tricks - so can the crops you are used to growing:

    • Sugarcane now is harvested as sugarcane, which can be milled into raw sugar!


    • Coffee now only produces Coffee Seeds which have to be roasted on an open flame to produce Roasted Coffee Beans!


    • Neonmelon is harvested as a full, placeable Neonmelon like its new compatriot, Pumpkin! Place it down and break it again for a bunch of fruit slices and seeds!


    ...and that's it for the changes to your old favorites for now.

    Wait, I Can Build With This Stuff Too?

    Did I forget to mention the new blocks that have been added? I did, didn't I?


    They are Neonmelon Blocks, Pumpkin Blocks, Sugar Blocks, Sugarcane Blocks, Chocolate Blocks, Dark Chocolate Blocks, and White Chocolate Blocks. You learn their recipes after picking up their crafting materials.

    In addition, this mod adds recipes for Thatch, Bamboo and Sod Blocks. You learn their recipes by picking up Reeds, Bamboo Stalk and Grass Seeds.

    A Chocolate-y Affair

    Of all the foods added by this mod, Chocolate is probably the most complex to produce of all. Some require a couple extra steps beyond crafting at the Wooden Cooking Table, but none are as involved as Cacao/Cocoa. This section will focus on refining Cacao Beans into Chocolate.

    Like all other crops, Raw Cacao Beans are obtained by growing its plant, the Cacao tree, from seeds you have found on Jungle worlds or from the Terramart. Ready to be harvested, Cacao trees look like this:


    To make these beans useable, you need to bake them until they are roasted.


    People new to crafting chocolate will learn to craft Cocoa Nibs from these Cocoa Beans. To make Cocoa Nibs, you need to visit your regular Wooden Cooking Table.


    Toss those Cocoa Nibs into your Hand Mill to produce Cocoa Powder (which also can be bought at the Infinity Express).


    Toss this powder in your campfire to produce Chocolate Liquor (it's not alcoholic).


    Now toss your Chocolate Liquor into your Hand Press to produce... Cocoa Butter! Be careful about using up all your Chocolate Liquor, though - unless you get more, you will not be able to produce some kinds of Chocolate!


    Upon picking up this Cocoa Butter, you will learn how to craft Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate. Yum!


    At your Wooden Cooking Table, you'll find the three recipes. All require Cocoa Butter and Vanilla Extract as well as Sugar and a couple other varying ingredients. A sweet treat, indeed.

    Hindsight is 20/20 (Installing, Reporting Issues and Suggestions)

    Humans are not perfect. We can overlook many things. That is why this section is necessary,

    Installing MFM:

    1. Navigate to your \Starbound\mods\ folder, usually found within \Steam\steamapps\common\
    2. Download the ZIP file associated with this mod.
    3. Open the ZIP file with a program like 7Zip.
    4. Drag the folder "MoreFarming" (or similar) into your mods folder.
    5. Play Starbound.

    Reporting Issues:

    Always post your issues IN THE DISCUSSION THREAD OR IN GITHUB you can also post it in the Steam workshop version as well. I am very attentive, and I will always respond to an issue posted in the Discussion thread and/or github (I get emails when done in github).

    Regarding game crashing: Error pop-ups tell modders nothing about how to solve any issue you may come across. A basic guide to reporting errors is here. I WILL need to see your log file before I can help you. Capisce?

    Other issues: If your issue is not crash-related, but something more along the lines of "this can't be crafted" or "I get Perfectly Generic Items from harvesting this", I may need to see your log file as well - but it's more important that you post in the Discussion thread on the matter.


    Please leave suggestions in the Discussion thread or log an issue on the github repository. I will respond to them with my thoughts there

    If this tickles your fancy check out these other mods:


    For a complete changelog, visit the github repository

    • BigBlueSerpent for the original original idea and implementation
    • Mackinz for the initial reboot of the mod and the creation of the mega mod as well as Rattan Crops
    • rare_candy_bracelet for making a large portion of the images of objects, items, etc.
    • ColonolNutty (me) for rebooting the reboot, and the creation of the repository
    • Lord Humungus for old mods to incorporate
    • Bughunter for Prickly Pears
    • Ulithium_Dragon for Animated Fly Trap
    • Petrenko for Bamboo (renamed Great Bamboo) and Cactus (renamed Saguaro)
    • Thundercraft for Holiday Trees
    • CrispyBlockland for Crispy Food Crops and Crispy Food Stuffs
    • rosett for Farmable Fuels and Foods
    • Bestpick for More Foods
    • olaorman for Garpberries
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. JT`
    Version: v3.6.72
    The mod expands the farming content substantially, but it is far more of a "cooking mod" than a "farming mod", and it radically alters the cooking process far too much for my taste (oh, a pun... well, it's out there).

    Instead of most everything being crafted at a kitchen counter with various cosmetic ovens for basic roasting, you will now have to remember the differences between baking, blending, boiling, canning, frying... which is shared for you with renames of every furnishing to further remind you of how excessively different everything is. =)

    While the roleplay aspects are phenomenal, there's just a little too much tedium, a little too much interface alteration, a little too much clutter, a little too much collectionism, and a little too little reward for it all. In other words, a little too far into "total overhaul" to the point that it doesn't feel "vanilla" enough for me.
  2. Reyghel
    Version: v3.6.68
    A mods that adds a greater amount of crops, so you can have a space farm and feed yourself well. It says the mod Revitalize agriculture. I only hope to discover the crops in time and not starve.
  3. Idemuso
    Version: v3.6.66
    Amazing mod! Love it. Hope more people check it out <3
  4. KTrinsic
    Version: v3.6.56
    Great addition to the variety of foods!
  5. Idemuso
    Version: v3.4.41
    love it <3
  6. Idemuso
    Version: v3.4.36
    amazing <3