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RELEASED Toxic Worlds 1.2

Added Toxic planets to the planetgen and a new ore/weapons/armor type Vyroxeres!

RELEASED Toxic Worlds

Discussion in 'Planets and Environments' started by Shadowclaimer, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Shadowclaimer

    Shadowclaimer Tentacle Wrangler

    Shadowclaimer submitted a new mod:

    Toxic Worlds - Adds a new world type to the planet generator, Toxic planets!

    Read more about this mod...
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  2. HawK3yLV

    HawK3yLV Star Wrangler

    This is awesome :)
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  3. Shadowclaimer

    Shadowclaimer Tentacle Wrangler

  4. iPwnned

    iPwnned Aquatic Astronaut

    Thanks for using the mod spotlight on the main page :)
  5. Shadowclaimer

    Shadowclaimer Tentacle Wrangler

    No problem! Its awesome.



    Vyroxeres Ore WIP, going to add a series of craftable weapons and potentially armor using the ore that has the poison attribute.
  6. HydraSlash

    HydraSlash Space Hobo

    Do you plan to make other biomes as well? There are a few ideas I would like to share:

    -Living Biome: A biome mainly made of flesh and bones, where the water is red and it would be mostly hot. The planet would have a higher difficulty scale as well.
    -Crystal Biome: So far I've only found one crystal subbiome, and it would be awesome to find a planet made out crystals. You could alter the crystal colors and make it out of crystal blocks, ice and with a high rate of finding diamonds. The planet would also have some snow, and would be pretty cold.
    -Junk Biome: The planet would be completely made out of metal-like materials and would have rusted out trees and etc.
    -Plant Biome: Completely made out of plant-like tiles, mixed with a bit of dirt, and full of trees everywhere. It could have a few pools of poison to go alongside the normal water as well.

    Those are the ones I have so far. I'll share more if I get any more ideas.
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  7. Voidnaut

    Voidnaut Orbital Explorer

    Just wanted to say, my starting world for the latest version is the moon of a Toxic world, and it looks gorgeous and mysterious rising at night. Orangurella, Space Ape Adventuress, cannot wait to visit.
  8. Shadowclaimer

    Shadowclaimer Tentacle Wrangler

    Here's the list I'm kicking around (some are "rare" biomes)


    Fully agree, I love when the background world is Toxic.
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  9. Shadowclaimer

    Shadowclaimer Tentacle Wrangler

    Here's some preview artwork for Vyroxeres Weapons.

    Attached Files:

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  10. Voidnaut

    Voidnaut Orbital Explorer

    My dream is a biome that reminds one of Kowloon Walled City / Blade Runner / Midgar / Jazz-age New York. :) Neon, metal fire-escapes, blind alleys... scungy bars, warehouses, NPCs everywhere including hostiles. I dunno how feasible it is, really.
  11. Axyl Drache

    Axyl Drache Space Hobo

    Great... more lands of imminent doom, along side the poisonous biomes.

    Cool mod by the way, getting a real fallout-esque vibe from this. Will eventually get around to trying it.
  12. Luffy

    Luffy Orbital Explorer

    Until the mod is updated i would recommend you hold off on getting it, the mod was based back on the old threat level system and when you install the mod it resets the worlds, but not the monster or ore generation causing monsters with hundreds of thousands of health to spawn on most worlds.
  13. Shadowclaimer

    Shadowclaimer Tentacle Wrangler

    Try not replacing the Celestial.config and instead inserting the requested data.
  14. kitsunespirit

    kitsunespirit Star Wrangler

    Such a neat idea... it would be really cool if you could put one together that doesnt have any critters on it, since its a dead world. Or maybe it could have mutant critters that just have poison damage. Not sure if thats possible.

    I'd love to see a junk planet, would be perfect for a Glitch. Also a complete ocean world with maybe a few islands, and a fish-people city at the bottom of the ocean.

    Also: it wont let me download it...
  15. Dynafols

    Dynafols Black Hole Surfer

    Question: Does this ADD (like legitimately add new planets that weren't there before) or does this take some already undiscovered planets and converts them?
  16. Shadowclaimer

    Shadowclaimer Tentacle Wrangler

    I believe it requires a new universe, but basically these replace some former planets.
  17. Wooren

    Wooren Starship Captain

    This looks really cool. If you ever needed help with pixel art, tell me :)
  18. Luffy

    Luffy Orbital Explorer

    I had the same problem, just open the launcher and then download it.
  19. kitsunespirit

    kitsunespirit Star Wrangler

    I got it off Nexus, so it doesn't matter I guess... maybe this site was having a hiccup or something.
  20. Shadowclaimer

    Shadowclaimer Tentacle Wrangler

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