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Discussion in 'SV General Discussion' started by DawnSeeker, Dec 14, 2013.

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  1. naithaan

    naithaan Starship Captain

    Well i think a lot of people will be showcasing the game to everyone possible when it comes out so they can support the dev.
    • XxBoonexX

      XxBoonexX Space Hobo

      Ya the game looks amazing! I hope Concerned Ape makes millions!
      • kattenjansson

        kattenjansson Starship Captain

        agreed! I wish he get's a lot of success on this game. It may not become a huge commercial success but he's doing something that so many pc gamers have been wanting and he's doing it solo. creativity and hard work deserves to be rewarded.

        so uh

        I really hope I don't see this up on the pirate bay or other such things. It would be a shame to see people just taking it for free when we've seen how much work has gone into this game
        • naithaan

          naithaan Starship Captain

          well there is always going to be those people unfortunatley
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          This thread is more than 90 days old.

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