I need help with the Char creator.

Discussion in 'Starbound FAQs, Q&A, and General Help' started by zachzman, Nov 21, 2013.

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I need help with the Char creator.

  1. zachzman

    zachzman Zero Gravity Genie

    Everytime I hit "Create Character" it leads me to Softango... What is Softango!?!?! I don't know what the Heck is going on!! is Softango natural! or a virus!?
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    • OmnipotentEntity

      OmnipotentEntity Code Monkey Starbound Developer

    • Jonesy

      Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

      Maybe do a virus scan. Sounds like Softango may be malware of some sort.
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      • zachzman

        zachzman Zero Gravity Genie

        Operating System: Windows 7
        Browser Type: Google Chrome
        Browser Version: 31.0.1650.57 m

        Behavior Experienced: Everytime I hit "Create Character" it leads me to Softango.

        Behavior Expected: something saying "Starbound_Character" to pop-up as a download, or somewhere along the lines for that as a name, then for it to be stored away with all my pretty pictures.

        Steps to Reproduce: Go to Char Creator, then click on "Create Character" I don't know anything more, just that when I click it, that's what happens.
        • Pentarctagon

          Pentarctagon Over 9000!!!

          That sounds like a virus.
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          • deity12

            deity12 Void-Bound Voyager

            It could be a malicious add-on. In chrome, go to settings>add-ons then remove "soltango". Its pretty likely its under a different name so if you can't see it there remove anything sounds anonymous (like "extra stuff" for example). If you still can't see anything just go around deleting any add-ons you didn't install yourself.
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            • Maruku

              Maruku Void-Bound Voyager


              There's a file here called hosts. If you open it up with notepad, there may be some values near the bottom.

              If there's anything other than or anything that doesn't resemble "localhost", then it will cause you issues.

              It will either block some sites or it will attempt to re-direct you to a special malware-type site.

              If nothing is in hosts, and if deity12's trick about removing any add-ons did not work, you really need to run a virus scan from like NOD32 or another reputable anti-virus AND I would probably use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware since it's free and powerful and sometimes catches some of the lesser evils some antiviruses would let pass or not notice.

              Finally, I'd clear all history, cache, cookies, delete temp files, etc. with a program like WiseCare365 or CCleaner. Do the registry cleaner, too.

              This would make sure that any potentially unwanted things don't lurk around or pass through the pretty thorough virus and malware cleaners.
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              • Axe Garian

                Axe Garian Master Astronaut

                I use CCleaner & vouch for its worth.

                Another Free Anti-Virus to give a consider is Microsoft Security Essentials. It only requires that ya have a legit Windows OS Installed.

                I agree that this "Softango" thing sounds malicious. :zombie:
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