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Server Help Dedicated Server without Steam

Discussion in 'Public Servers & Server Help' started by ElDiablo1985, Dec 9, 2013.

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Server Help Dedicated Server without Steam

  1. ElDiablo1985

    ElDiablo1985 Master Chief

    Hello, exist a Server for windows oder Cubieboard2 oder Raspberry Pi without Steam ?

    Best Regards, Chris
    • nectarprime

      nectarprime Sandwich Man

      You don't need Steam to run a server, just the server files. And sadly I don't think wither of those machines will support a server.
      • Zixxl

        Zixxl Space Hobo

        Don't even try ;)

        You don't need to download and install the full steam client. You can use the steam update tool to download the server. But you still need a steam account with the purchased game.

        /edit: Of course you don't need to stay logged in to start the server.
          Last edited: Dec 9, 2013
        • Syntax42

          Syntax42 Zero Gravity Genie

          SteamCMD makes it easy to download and update the server. You need an account which has purchased the game and you can't be logged into that account on another computer.

          Don't try using a Raspberry Pi to host. The server program requires a decent CPU.
          • ElDiablo1985

            ElDiablo1985 Master Chief

            Allright, Big Thanks for your Answers. I Reading the SteamCMD Links and try to understand this. Exist a German Tutrial for this ?
            Thanks :)
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            This thread is has not been replied to for more than 90 days.

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