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Server Help Client connect fail! Error connecting to "SERVER IP" on port "21025". since 10-12-2013 update.

Discussion in 'Public Servers & Server Help' started by RainbowSomething, Dec 10, 2013.

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Server Help Client connect fail! Error connecting to "SERVER IP" on port "21025". since 10-12-2013 update.

  1. Cosmopolitan

    Cosmopolitan Seal Broken

  2. Traced

    Traced Yeah, you!

    Version is in 621. My server keeps launching 620 even though steam keeps saying its up to date.
    • redmontwheeler

      redmontwheeler Space Hobo

      there is no solution yet? same problem here, none of the solutions worked for me, the server is running the correct version here, i think
      • Traced

        Traced Yeah, you!

        I am not sure. After yesterdays hotfix I had to axe the entire starbound directory in order to get it working again. It came up as the correct version this time. (Also a side not, I use CentOS so I have been following Jansens guide after steam install http://community.playstarbound.com/...ibraries-for-starbound_server-32-64bit.39126/)

        As for those issues with Tunngle I can't commend. I port forward to my linux box. What stops you guys from port forwarding to your Windows machine?
        • DirtyRolando

          DirtyRolando Space Hobo

          no router at all i runing a real server with 30mb/s up and down, but i have the same error. this sucks so bad
          • redmontwheeler

            redmontwheeler Space Hobo

            There is SOMEONE who can get the server running and join the server without problems? im getting really annoyed with this issue.
            • redmontwheeler

              redmontwheeler Space Hobo

              here its like, i port forwarded and did the stuff that i needed to set my server up, okay the server was working, me and my friends played and in the next day, starbound had to perform an update, after the update the server didnt worked anymore, its like the server is on, is running, but no one can join, not even me, who tries to join get
              "Join failed! Error connecting to 'serverdobrunao.no-ip.org' port '21025'. "
              • Man of Shadows

                Man of Shadows Space Penguin Leader

                I have the exact same problem as you. Some dev clarification on what's changed (Something obviously changed if it worked before and does not now...) would probably help...
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                • redmontwheeler

                  redmontwheeler Space Hobo

                  yea, they didnt talked about any change in multiplayer settings or something like this, im just waiting for a light of heaven and trying some stuff
                  • Equilibriate

                    Equilibriate Orbital Explorer

                    Same issues here, used to have a server work fine for people joining internally and externally. After updates no-one can join, tried fixes nothing helped. :(
                    • lamu82

                      lamu82 Yeah, you!

                      We have the same problem, but in our case all my friends can connect except me :( some help?¿
                      • nectarprime

                        nectarprime Sandwich Man

                        I'm willing to bet the majority of the server problems people are having are because of this or server/client mismatched versions.

                        This is why yours server should have a static IP address.
                        • jormanks

                          jormanks Master Chief

                        • ZenosEbeth

                          ZenosEbeth Tentacle Wrangler

                          Hamachi servers were broken in the last update , literally all of the proposed forum solution dont seem to resolve the problem .
                          • Nitrostine

                            Nitrostine Orbital Explorer

                            I've been trying to fix it since yesterday afternoon, but to no avail.
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