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Your Starbound Crew 4.24

Over 150 quests to help you get your own crew and explore the universe!

  1. Luminaesthesia


    Now that we finally have larger ships, it's time to populate it with a crew! Introducing Your Starbound Crew: a mod where you go on missions to find nine crew members to call your own, and to slowly upgrade them to offer new ways to help you on your journey. It begins as soon as your ship AI is upgraded to level 2 (meaning you can access the navigation panel), and you talk to SAIL, selecting "Receive Distress Beacon", or if you've already gone through that part of the game, you can take a quest from the radar dish in the outpost to start your journey.

    Six unique missions to go on to form your own crew.

    Seven end game missions! Race your friends to the finish in Genekong's asteroid simulator, visit Divewing's dig site, purify Spongewaltzer's spring, climb to the top of Thorngrazer's mountain and fight off the Agaran, stop a ship heist with Ashblazer, deliver food to a vampire Glitch for Goldobot, and finally help LoveJones defeat his or her old commander on a tentacle planet.

    Over 150 quests to complete from your nine crew members.

    About 50 of which take place only after you've upgraded your ship to the final tier, so there is a lot to do and work towards after you're done with the base game.

    A new type of star called "Unstable Stars". Has all biomes at threat levels 7 through 9. Good luck surviving! Now also includes race specific planets, so it's easier to find that stone prison sign you're looking for.

    Randomly generated crafted weapons in the end game that are my way of extending the length of the game via RNG. Usually they're kind of weak, but it's possible to find some incredible items!

    Your crew is constantly upgrading around you, offering you better armor and food before boss fights, and reacting to ship upgrades.

    Your crew's own outpost where you can easily take quests from them, since you don't have that large of a ship when you first start the game. You can now upgrade it to a much cooler outpost that will have randomly generated quests (when they're implemented), along with other cool stuff.

    A teleporter to put in your ship that takes you straight to the gate's outpost and your crew's, so you don't have to run to the ancient gate every time you turn in a quest.

    Huge pixel sinks at the end of the game, since we kind of need them.

    A special robotic back item known as a KEI that you can continue to upgrade through out your journey. Depending on how they evolve, you can gain increased energy, better protection, faster run speed, and every KEI has a small glow effect, with the exploration KEIs having a much larger one.

    A research console that will have you searching chests in every biome you encounter on the surface, hoping to gather research on said biome. Bring it back to the console to store the data, and get fun quest rewards like grenade launchers. Currently 22 biomes to collect data on, so research em all!

    Over 30 trading cards to collect!

    Ancient realms, where you fight strong opponents from Starbound's universe, with a rare chance of finding incredibly powerful weapons.

    Reactivates the holiday crafting tables so you can have your holiday fun all year round.

    And tons more!

    First-mate Love-Jones

    Love-Jones came from Honolulu before the tentacle attack, and is the first to join your crew. He or she will help you craft things to help you explore the galaxy, and you will find him or her on an abandoned outpost.

    - Offers quest to help find your other crew members
    - Can craft KEIs: little robots that can be upgraded that take up the back item slot
    - Wall Scanner: A modified matter manipulator to help see ores through walls
    - Upgraded flashlight to see better
    - An emergency teleporter to take you straight from the core of a planet to your ship.
    - A teleporter to your crew's outpost, where they show up after you've collected all nine of them.
    - Access to the very exclusive Explorer's Club!
    - Each crew member will also offer furniture, costumes, and an instrument that either pertains to their race or their job on your crew
    - Each crew member now also can craft a version of themselves that you can take down to planets to help you fight!
    Solarium (Endgame update): Third upgrade to KEIs, a final upgrade to the matter manipulator, a costume ducky that will unlock special costumes for the crew.

    Doctor Spongewalzter

    Doctor Spongewaltzer is all about healing you and making sure you survive on planets. You'll find the doctor at a hidden forest spring.

    - Upgraded stims
    - Upgraded beds
    - Early healing tech
    - Fun stims that do stuff like turn you blue
    - Will heal you when interacted with
    - Help prepares you for the three main game missions with stims
    Solarium: Combines stims, upgraded armor, upgraded regen tech

    Professor Divewings

    Professor Divewings is here to help you understand the Starbound universe. You find him or her on an Avian air ship looking for fossils.

    - Access to the Ancient Realm, where you can fight strong opponents
    - Ancient relics, items without much protection that offer benefits, like run speed
    - A free ocarina!
    - A research console for you to collect information on biomes in. 22 biomes implemented, which is missing magma, volcanic, and arctic, since they don't have biome specific treasure yet.
    Solarium: Upgraded relics, a new ancient realm, a strong broadsword, and a randomly generated broadsword

    Hunter Thorngrazer

    Thorngrazer is a hunter to help you with...well, your hunting skills. You find him visiting ancient hunting grounds at the top of a mountain.

    - Improved throwing weapons
    - Monster and boss beacons
    - Dog pet!
    - Prepares you for the main game's three missions with throwing weapons
    - Access to the hunting grounds
    Solarium: Summon end game versions of the bosses, upgrade your bow and knife to end game levels, a randomly generated assault rifle, upgraded armor

    Scientist Genekong

    Dr. Genekong is your scientist, and you'll find him in his or her desert home researching.

    - Has upgraded pickaxes and drills that last much longer
    - High storage chest
    - The merchant network, where you can buy a bunch of fun random stuff
    - Upgraded techs
    - Upgrades your nano suits so you can survive any kind of threat
    Solarium: Even more upgraded techs, including the butterfly boost and a triple jump, randomly generated short sword

    Mercenary Ashblazer

    Ashblazer is your mercenary, and he or she is found inside a volcanic base finding bandits.

    - Gives access to some of the Novakid guns
    - Prepares you for the main game missions by offering to upgrade your armor.
    - Fiery molotovs
    - Access to trading cards, over 40 to collect!
    Solarium: End game gun, randomly generated pistol, upgraded armor, a new tier of trading cards that are very rare, called solarium cards, since everything in this update is solarium!

    Chef Goldobot

    Goldobot is your chef, and you gain access to him or her after proving your worth with some food.

    - Quick version of seeds that grow faster
    - Upgraded recipes that have longer lasting benefits
    - Prepares you for the boss fights by giving some nice dishes
    - Access to Goldobot's Garden!
    Solarium: A powerful frying pan, a stronger steel spoon, more recipes

    crewpenguincardbig.png crewshroomcardbig.png
    Merchant Jerry and Architect Hobobuildo​

    Jerry will buy some of your stuff, and offer strange requests.

    Hobobuildo will offer cheap building supplies so you can create your own outpost any where, along with quests to help you fill it out with cool stuff like a teleporter that takes you from your base or ship straight to the outpost., arcade cabinets, and nice aesthetic things.

    Q: How do I get back my crew if I accidentally/purposefully kill them?
    A: After you get a crew member from their recruitment mission, you can then craft them for 50 pixels under your basic crafting menu by pressing the "c" button.

    Q: Does this work in multiplayer?
    A: It will if everyone on the server has it installed, then yes.

    Q: Why can I kill the crew so easily?
    A: They're easy to kill so that you can get the perfect "version" of the crew member you want. I might work on something about this, but for now you can also reach them in an unkillable state in their outpost.

    Q: When do I get to go to the crew's outpost?
    A: LoveJones will give you the teleporter after collect all nine crew members.

    Q: Why don't the card viewer or resarch console do anything?
    A: They're just a way to catalogue the cards or research data that you've collected so far. Sorry the cards aren't in any sort of order, I have zero idea how the game figures out how to display stuff in crafting tables.

    Q: How do I get rid of the crew followers on my ship/planet?
    A: Either let an enemy attack them until they die, or use an item that has splash damage such as a molotov or a grenade to get rid of them.​

    - Stable after this upcoming stable: Adding weather to missions and adding an outpost you can edit yourself.
    - I want to create a huge, multi dungeon planet, but this is gonna take some time, so we'll see. Basically about a captain and his crew who go down on a planet, and you unravel the mystery that happened to them. Kind of like a story line for the mod, in my head I'm planning it heavily off of Metroid Prime. I'm going blind looking at all the bright pink in dungeon making though so we'll see how long this takes.
    - Any suggestions you all have! Just let me know!

    If quests aren't abandoned correctly, you might lose a save file when you uninstall. Please back up your characters every once in a while!

    Unzip the folder, put it in the mods section of your Starbound folder.

    This mod begins in one of two ways:
    Either give SAIL the 20 core fragments to start your ship's engines up, and then the option for "Receive Distress Beacon", and the quest should start.
    OR if you're passed this point, just go to the outpost and the radar dish on the right side of the building should offer the quest.

    Uninstalling: Give up any quests left over from the mod before uninstalling, along with deleting any objects, items, or NPCs from the mod.

    For anyone with custom ships: The second half of the quests are completed when you hit tier 8 of your ship, so in order to bypass that, type in "/admin", and hit enter, followed by "/spawnitem crewstartyourquest2", hit enter again, then enter in "/admin" to take you out of admin mode. That should spawn a special ducky that will give you the quest to trigger the other quests.

    Hopefully you enjoy my first attempt at modding a game, it's been a game itself trying to sort through all of these files and LUA scripts. HUGE thanks to severedskullz for helping me figure things out, and for helping out other modders, and the same goes to xxswatelitesxx. Thanks to aMannus for helping me update the mod page. Please send any feed back, especially any bugs, issues, or any thoughts you have on balancing the mod. Thanks again for downloading, and a huge thanks to everyone at Chucklefish for making a great game to play and mod!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Sorry it took so long!
  2. Critical bug
  3. Very small bug fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Ruban Crusade
    Ruban Crusade
    Version: 4.24
    Absolutely love this mod! Between the crew and all the unique items and quests, this is brilliant!
  2. Etrom
    Version: 4.24
    It's a excellent mod, but accidentally I killed the hunter, and i don't know how to spawn him in the ship again, could you help me?
  3. jeet8
    Version: 4.24
    for some reason when I place the first mate spawner then I leave my ship and come back the spawning item disappears and the first mate never appears. It might be the fact that Im in the nightly beta but I dunno.
  4. Drade
    Version: 4.24
    I like the mod but mine is glitching when I'm looking for thorngrazer. When I enter the quest, the screen isn't showing on my character
    1. Luminaesthesia
      Author's Response
      Well that's no good. Could you message me the starbound.log file or just shoot me a message with some more specifics so I can help out?
  5. Inf_Wolf14
    Version: 4.24
    Good to see some companions to ride along on your conquest of the universe. Sometimes pointing and killing alone just isn't very satisfying...
  6. SyncZ
    Version: 4.23
    Really great mod! But you should change the "dungeonBaseHeight" of the Hunter mission in the "dungeon_worlds.config" file to 900 instead of 1900, it stops spawning you in the mountain. Props for "BondageParty" and "DungeonMaster" For noticing this
  7. Khuur
    Version: 4.23
    The crew is very interesting. Adds a lot to the game.
  8. BecomeWeaker
    Version: 4.23
    This mod is well made. I just didn't like that fact that you can kill them. I accidentally killed the doctor. :S
    Also, please fix the hunter mission spawning me inside a mountain. Thanks.
  9. Electro Bro
    Electro Bro
    Version: 4.23
    great mod with a great potential, but i seem to crash with one player when i updated the mod :S
  10. SuperCuteKun
    Version: 4.23
    Great mod, i like that, more game atmosphere!