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Your Starbound Crew 3.1

Quest and explore the universe for eleven unique NPCs to call your crew, and get your own base!

  1. Luminaesthesia
    Your Starbound Crew 3.1 is released! Now adds compatability to Spice is the Variety of the Universe and other mods, so everyone can search for their crew members. Also introducing Your Starbound Crew: Worlds. This is a collection of planets for you to visit, including a new bounty system that entails searching planets similar to your crew members. You can find the expansion here!


    Within the next few updates we're going to have larger ships, and many modders already do. Although there are NPC spawners available to help make things less lonely on your ship, I felt like they didn't have enough personality or utility. Also, what's a space adventure without a crew? So I introduce my first attempt at modding, Your Starbound Crew Mod. And if you don't have a big ship? I built you two custom bases to call your own. Here's a quick look at what you'll unlock once you reach beta sector or re-use your first starmap upgrade, or when you begin your quest by defeating Dreadwing:


    Upon defeating Dreadwing you'll embark on your first quest: save first mate Love-Jones. Crash landed on a planet like you, he or she offers a variety of services. Found on -80882153 -1634853 Beta Persian 7905 III a, this is where you can find the codex to help you find the rest of your crew.

    Crew Crafting Station: Where you can craft the rest of your crew and the coordinates to your bases.
    Dog bowl: Summon a pet dog!
    Codexes: Gives coordinates to interesting planets.
    Wall scanner: Helps you see through the dirt while mining.
    Bounty system: Fight bounties for pixel rewards!
    KEI: A little robotic creature that fits in the back item slot. Evolve it to gain abilities like light, power increase, or boosting your running speed. Inspired by Sega's Phantasy Star Online!


    Doctor Spongewaltzer is a Hylotl doctor who loves experimenting with stims. Stuck in a Floran prison until you save him on, he or she offers...

    The Doctor's Meds: A medical cabinet where you can craft a variety of stims.
    Medical bed: Healing more efficiently than a normal wooden bed, can be upgraded.
    Discounts: Sells all normal stims for a discounted price.
    Turtle: Summons a pet fish. It'd be good to have a pond first.


    Ashblazer the mechanic is a Novakid that just loves tinkering with stuff. Found tinkering with stuff in a random mine shaft. Offers...

    Mechanic's Anvil: Use this to craft a variety of things, such as upgraded pickaxes and drills, better bombs, and hole drills from Healthire's Hole Drill Mod.
    Repair Bot Scanner: Spawn your own repair bot!
    Tools: Sells most of the things the tool merchant sells for a discounted price.

    Thanks to Bietol for letting me use the assets of the Novakid+ mod and Healthire's Hole Drill Mod!


    Dr. Genekong is an Apex that got too close to insulting the Mini Kong, and will join you after you save him from some Mini Kong assassins. Offers...

    Genekong's Computer: Upgrade your techs and buy some too!
    Merchant's Network: Buy a whole bunch of stuff from the internet!
    InvisiHelm: For when you want to see your character's face.
    Tech Chests: Increased space, up to 64 spaces for the final upgrade.


    Chef Goldobot is a Glitch that vows to become the best cook in the universe. First you have to save him from an insane Glitch king. He'll help you with...

    Chef's Oven: Here you can craft recipes that have double the output, because Goldobot is that good.
    Improved Seeds: Craft better versions of seeds that grow faster and more efficient.
    Chicken Coop: Summon a robotic chicken.
    Seed and recipe box: Get random seeds and recipes, because sometimes they're tough to find.


    Divewings the loremaster is a grounded Avian who just wants to learn more about the universe. You find him high atop an Avian library. Sells:

    Divewing's Bookcase: Learn more about the universe as you move through the game's tiers.
    Weathervane: Summon a random flying pet.
    Tips: Offers tips to the game
    Lore: Includes background stories of the crew and help with KEIs.
    Sells the coordinates to cool planets from Your Starbound Crew: Worlds


    Thorngrazer the hunter is a Floran who wishes to teach you the ways of the hunter, and is found in a little hunting outpost on a foresty planet.

    Hunter's weapon rack: Where you craft the hunter's items.
    Monster beacons: Summon different monsters to help you hunt, or just to beat stuff up.
    Trophies: To show you beat the game's bosses.
    Space bowl: Summon a random ground pet.


    The Argaran Architect Hobabuildo and the Colourful Bartender Barry are found on an Agaran planet:

    Sells materials to help build your base
    Bartender's Gun: Upgradable gun through tier 5
    Drinks: Drinks for everyone!
    StarBooze: Thanks to kingofcrows I've been able to add a simple version of StarBooze to the bartender. It's compatible with his mod, and I urge you to check it out to see the more complex version at http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/starboozeâ„¢-distillation-update.1083/

    The Mole Merchant and Frog Merchant are found on a planet far away:

    Buy holiday stuff all year round!
    Seller's Chest: The mole will sell you this chest to turn randomly generated weapons, guns, and shields into pixels.
    Will buy items off of you such as dishes and decorative items to encourage farming, cooking, and exploration.

    Aquamanic4 was also kind enough to do a little video about this mod if you want to see it in action:

    Also, due to a bug in the game, sometimes the NPCs will mysteriously vanish for no reason at all or may make a double of itself. Because of this once you craft the NPC spawner for the first time, you can then recraft it for much cheaper at the 3D printer. Thanks for understanding!

    When you unzip the file you'll be presented with a readme.txt and two folders. Put the YourStarboundCrew folder into your "mods" folder of your Starbound directory. Put the universe folder in your basic Starbound directory and merge it with the game's universe folder. After that use your Beta Map Upgrade that teaches you tier 2 recipes, and you'll be good to go! Also, to enjoy the quest line, I'm pretty sure you have to start a new character.
    Also, be sure to check out Your Starbound Crew: Worlds, to enrich the experience with more stuff to do!

    Just reuse your star map upgrades to activate the new stuff, otherwise just delete the old YourStarboundCrew folder and put in the new one. Also, this mod runs off of the tier system in the game. As such, to get new content, you have to reuse your star map upgrades. Also, merge the universe folder in the mod with the one in your directory. Careful building on those planets, as I'll probably be updating them every so often. Sorry, hope you all understand! If you want to keep your version of it, just make a copy of it and save it somewhere else, and then override mine when I update.

    This mod should work with everything now! Let me know if it doesn't though!

    Hopefully you enjoy my first attempt at modding a game, it's been a game itself trying to sort through all of these files and LUA scripts. Also a big thanks to the Starbound Wiki for some of the coordinates that your first mate sells, and for Smiley's Gambling Box Mod for helping me figure out how to get random loot tables in LUA script. Please send any feed back, especially any bugs, issues, or any thoughts you have on balancing the mod. Thanks again for downloading, and a huge thanks to everyone at Chucklefish for making a great game to play and mod!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

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Recent Reviews

  1. wolfscanyon
    Version: 3.1
    Only issue is not compatible with other mods, and can't find love jones if they are installed. ie the items and modifications simply do not go through. coords are right atleast
  2. rocknrollock
    Version: 3.1
    Always nice to have some pals to cruise the stars with. Mod works wonderfully. Its always fun to place a crew member, not like how they look, kill them, repeat. I'm ashamed of myself.
  3. Teodor
    Version: 3.1
    Mod of my dream
  4. Medicat
    Version: 3.1
    Okay, Some thing is wrong however. The Tech Chest and Crashed ship aren't there, but the prison is. I've tried re-installing the mod, and re-installing the universe file. When I do, it spawns me in my spaceship, but the area surrounding me is black for 10 seconds, then it goes to the normal planet. and STILL no chest or crashed ship. WTF?
  5. Humbuirotloco
    Version: 3.1
    Great mod, wish I could use it. Isn't not compatible with Spacebound; i have Both Variety and Spacebound and would like it to work together. :c

    Hope to see something done, maybe? o.O
  6. JustPITTY
    Version: 3.1
    I have a problem: I don't find the planet where you should find the dog,but I wrote exactly the coordinates that are in this page.. why I don't find it?
  7. RufioMaz
    Version: 3.1
    Everyon giving this mod a 1 star is lazy and incompetant. Read the books, read the codex's and everything is there. For the first mate notice the MINUS SIGN before the X co-ordinate... at the prison you are looking for a spawner item in one of the cells.

    Please if you are going to be lazy, don't 1 star a mod because of it.
  8. Khadi
    Version: 3.1
    Cords are wrong.
  9. Smiffy222
    Version: 3.1
    its good i just can't find love-jonas in the prison he or she isn't their
  10. paidousis
    Version: 3.1
    I actually have played with this mod around 3-4 months before I write this review. It is just an awesome and the creator must have put a lot of effort in this. BUT I'm having a problem. I use winzip to extract the folders but i dont get any folders, only the files and I don't know where to pu each file so if someone could help please, I would appreciate it.