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starcheat 0.16 (Enraged Koala)

Starbound player save/character editor

  1. wizzomafizzo
    starcheat is a tool for editing Starbound player save files. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

    !WARNING! There are crashes when running starcheat on Windows 8, Windows 7 64bit (unconfirmed) and OS X. Linux building should work fine and Windows 7 32bit. I am trying to get it sorted in between work but it's not a small thing to fix. !WARNING!

    Check out starcheat.org for guides on using starcheat and example items to import!


    Thanks to Nintendude64 for the Mod DB icon!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. appearance.png
    2. blueprints.png
    3. itembrowser.png
    4. itemedit.png
    5. playerselect.png
    6. techs.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. rapid_repeat
    Version: 0.16 (Enraged Koala)
    Okay! I can't run it.
    I have it for the Mac.
    And every time I open it It says: "starcheat error"
    I cannot find a video to help.
    I think that I am just stupid and not doing some really easy important thing.
    Do I need to put it in a file?
    I really want to try starcheat!
    From what I have seen it has been awesome!
  2. j3uurm
    Version: 0.16 (Enraged Koala)
    Great inv editor, but... What about the nightly updates? Newest nightly update has Novakid and it doesn't render here
    Also, new ships 'n' stuff.
  3. Darklord6000
    Version: 0.16 (Enraged Koala)
    Um... When I try to extract it to the new folder, it says: An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the file name.
    I use 7-zip, OS Windows 8 64x bit. Help please!
  4. HappySchizo
    Version: 0.16 (Enraged Koala)
    Great tool, great website too! Thanks, mate.
  5. silentdiety
    Version: 0.16 (Enraged Koala)
    great mod, very useful, but how do i change the rate of fire on a gun , every time i buff or debuff the class multiplier it goes 0.0...halp?
    1. wizzomafizzo
      Author's Response
  6. supaboyy
    Version: 0.16 (Enraged Koala)
    I am having a 0xc00007b error for windows 8 64 bit..Help?
    1. wizzomafizzo
      Author's Response
  7. OmenChaos
    Version: 0.16 (Enraged Koala)
    Now that ive switched my character to novakid it doesnt allow me to change back. yeea no more multiplyer for me.
    1. wizzomafizzo
      Author's Response
  8. Enzam
    Version: 0.16 (Enraged Koala)
    This an absolute must for those who want a more personalized character. Almost anything you alter with this program is server friendly to others, allowing a multitude of color options for players and items, and weapons and tools not normally possible to get, but still mod free. Very well put together and use friendly, cant wait to see the character customization become even more enhanced.
  9. Mcuberboss1969
    Version: 0.16 (Enraged Koala)
    My one problem is hat some of the features are difficult to use such as changing colours, also I would like to know how to scale items to make the larger or smaller, over all a great mod and I do recommend downloading it
  10. 秦义绝丶
    Version: 0.16 (Enraged Koala)
    OH shit i love you!