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Starbound Mod Manager 2.0.1

A cross-platform mod manager that also merges conflicting mods for compatability automatically.

  1. KrazyTheFox
    Development is currently on hold.
    That said, the current version is very functional. I'll be returning to development early-mid August when life calms down a bit.

    What's New:

    Bug fixes for .7z/.rar/.pak/.modpak files in 2.0.2.

    What's Next:
    Many improvements to version 2.x.x, including:
    • More themes and theme changing
    • Save data backups, including backups of mods used per save
    • Translations into other languages (German and Spanish are hopefully coming soon—contact me via PM if you want to translate the program into another language)
    • Preview image support (hopefully). This unfortunately didn't make it into the initial release due to technical constraints. There's an update coming for Java and JavaFX in the next week, so with any luck, this will be possible.


    sbmm1.png sbmm3.png
    • Mods in a central location: All your mods will be in one folder.
    • Automatic mod merging: If two mods have conflicts, the mod manager will do its best to merge them and keep the best of both worlds. Works nearly every time!
    • Automatic installation: Moves the folders to the right places and in the right order for you.
    • Add new mods from the program itself. All files are copied and indexed for you automatically. You can drag and drop mods or click the "Add Mods" button!
    • The mod load order will prioritize mods in conflict resolution so that the most important ones take priority.
    • Cross-platform: Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
    • Support for nearly every mod!
    • Loads mods as .zip, .rar, .7z, or any kind of .pak file!
    • Language support: When translations are complete, the mod manager will allow you to switch between languages effortlessly, and without restarting the program!
    • Theme support: When new themes are created, the entire look and feel of the program can be changed without restarting it!

    How to Use:
    Extract all the .zip file's contents to a directory of your choice. Run the mod manager file and follow the prompts to get yourself set up.

    To add mods, click the "Add New Mod" button or drag and drop your downloaded mods right onto the mod manager.

    How to Make Your Mods Compatible:

    Making mods work with this mod manager is a piece of cake:

    First, create a folder and call it whatever you want. Generally, this is better without spaces.

    Second, inside that folder create a file called "<foldername>.modinfo", then open it up in a text editor.

    Inside that file, write the following, but fill out the information for your mod instead of my example:
      "name" : "testmod",
      "path" : ".",
      "dependencies" : [ "requiredmod1", "requiredmodtwo" ],
      "metadata" : {
        "displayName" : "A Test Mod",
        "author" : "Some Krazy Guy",
        "description" : "This is another test mod. Use it wisely.",
        "support_url" : "forum-link",
        "version" : "1.0"
    Next, copy all the files and folders (or create them) for your mods' assets and put them in that directory. If you want to use a folder to organize them instead of having all your files in the root directory, change the "path" line to:
      "path" : "assetsfolder",
    Finally, package your mod into a .zip file, with the .modinfo at the top level.

    Now all you have to do is distribute your mod as you usually would. The mod manager will automatically handle conflict merging without your input, so that's no extra work for you!

    This is just a basic guide to creating a mod and the Modding Help forum is far better suited to describe the latest ways to do it.

    Other Sites:
    Starbound Nexus: http://www.nexusmods.com/starbound/mods/64/?
    GitHub Repository: https://github.com/KrazyTheFox/Starbound-Mod-Manager

    Need Help? Found a bug? Want a feature?
    Head on over to the discussions tab and let me know what you need/like/want and I'll work to get it fixed/added!

    I'd like to have one place for an up-to-date mod manager for ease of use, but if you fork/clone the repo, feel free to credit me (and any other contributors) and release your own version.

    I accept pull requests if you'd like to help out. In fact, I encourage it!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. uosmiley
    Version: 2.0.1
    Very handy for a novice mod user
  2. Gassy_Remnant
    Version: 2.0.1
    This mod has saved me so much time. I praise the person who made this.
  3. kidlonewolf
    Version: 2.0.1
    Very Great for people unsure of mods because it wont except garbage, even better if you understand how starbound mods work.
  4. djpone-awilddan
    Version: 2.0.1
    Easy to use, extremely helpful to Starbound modding nubs like me :D
  5. sa1nt
    Version: 2.0.1
    It's great, just a little laggy sometimes (might be my machine).
    The only thing it's not good at is installing mods that need more then just putting them in the mod-directory (e.g. YSBC where you also need to merge the universe-folders)
    1. KrazyTheFox
      Author's Response
      Lag is something I'll be working on a lot when I get more time to code again. There's a lot of data being processed under the hood (which increases quite a bit with additional mods) and it can all probably be optimized a lot.
  6. Nikia
    Version: 2.0.1
    I attempted to use this with a modpack I have (S3r1ous) to see how it worked, and it always seemed to error every third or fourth mod I'd throw in there (.modpack file). I will post the error log in the discussion boards, but I will still stand on the three stars. Aesthetic wise, ease of use, and compatibility are still at around 3 stars each.
  7. Vryaer
    Version: 2.0.1
    Great mod manager which is surprisingly intelligent in the current semi nonlinear way mods are added to the game
  8. DragoZeroOne
    Version: 2.0.1
    Will need sorting function. And do I have the uninstall, delete the old mod, then add a new version to update the mod? Great mod manager, easy and useful~! Keep on the good work! I love it!
    1. KrazyTheFox
      Author's Response
      Re-adding the mod should update it. I'll see about a sorting function, too.
  9. gelini89
    Version: 2.0.1
    easy to use and easy to understand but no five stars because:
    Why is there a line how many mods i can use?????
    i can only use 6 mods at a time............
    1. KrazyTheFox
      Author's Response
      You can use as many as you want. The scroll bar on the right side will shrink as you add more mods so you can scroll down to see them.

      Unless there's a bug, in which case, could I get the list of mods you're using so I can test them?
  10. SmaugTheDragon
    Version: 2.0.0
    64MB Wow, that's a lot of modmanager!
    1. KrazyTheFox
      Author's Response
      Actually, that's a lot of Java! :P
      The Mod Manager itself is only a couple hundred KB and the libraries it uses are about 20MB. The other 150MB (unpacked) is a portable installation of Java. This keeps things compatible, reduces problems with Java, and since I won't be needing to update libraries or Java very often at all, updates to the Mod Manager will be *much* smaller.