Simple Extended Character Creation Mod: Now, even easier! Furious Koala Pt. 1

Just a clean looking modification to the character creation screen, for custom races.

  1. Xander Kau
    This is a simple mod to clean up custom species. Simply extract into your mods folder in your Starbound folder, and that's it!

    Important for species modders who want the best for their users! Read this:

    If you would like me to help promote this, and have me promote your species, message me!

    Now endorsing these awesome mods:
    Ahmi's Elven race mod!
    go check it out. It comes prepackaged with my download.

    Not prepackaged, but still endorsed!
    Sabboth's Argonian mod!
    Plainly, this species looks fantastic. I love the sprite work.
    Espilonarge's Kangaru mod!
    Cute! Nice color options. WARNING: This mod contains it's own button, and may look unruly. To fix, go to mods/kangaru/interface/windowconfig and delete the one file within.
    Shadewarps Grey's!
    Very much digging the mod, love how the spaceship is like a flying saucer.
    Tofuffalo's Kaenid Species!
    Dig the sprites, and the ship has a great look!
    AnthonySkunk89's Skunk Species!
    Sprite work is nice. Loved running around as a traditional skunk with a huge afro.

    I have tested all of these mods now, simply by downloading, and extracting into the mods folder. No errors as of yet, and they all look great!


    When next update drops, I will be increasing the slot's, as I realize how many species mods there are out there.

    Please leave comments and rate, it helps people find my mod more easily!

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Recent Reviews

  1. MagicPlayer
    Version: Furious Koala Pt. 1
    Like Pongapp said, delete the image.cache file in the starbound folder and the complete bar will show up. THANKS PONGAPP!
  2. trazeguy
    Version: Furious Koala Pt. 1
    This is a good mod, but can you fix something?I have a mod that uses a race menu of its own, and one overlaps the other, as they are in the same place.Can you program it so it scoots over when that happens?Thank you.
  3. UmbreonMV
    Version: Furious Koala Pt. 1
    its great for multiple races
  4. Badybrine130
    Version: Furious Koala Pt. 1
    Its a great mod, but the races are behind the actual buttons and I cannot select any race except the avali
  5. Pongapp
    Version: Furious Koala Pt. 1
    Just wanted to say that AR001 is right. If you are getting a graphical error (I couldn't see the list) try deleting image.cache within the main Starbound folder. That worked for me! Thanks for the tip.
  6. Gunide
    Version: Furious Koala Pt. 1
    Is there any alternative mod to this one? I don't exactly feel like waiting for this to be fixed.
  7. DeffreyJahmer
    Version: Furious Koala Pt. 1
    I really like your mod, but my forespeaker is right. I'm having problems with the frame, too. It's all cut off on one side and I can't tell what I'm "creating" there ^^
  8. bluefluffy
    Version: Furious Koala Pt. 1
    there is a problem the panel is cut away can you fix it please
  9. Machi N
    Machi N
    Version: Furious Koala Pt. 1
    I'm rating it as "good" cause I guess it works fine... sadly I seem to be the only one (except for Akirame Saotome) that has a bug. But since I am the only one that has this problem I can't really blame you. Great Mod though.
  10. Terode
    Version: Furious Koala Pt. 1
    I seem to be having a problem: The entire panel is cut away.