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MadTulip`s Spaceship Mod Rev. 608

Spaceship: Block by Block; Objects like Thrusters; Space mechanics; Landable!, Flyable Scoutships

  1. madtulip
    Mod by HuggableCreep, MadTulip and TooManySecrets.

    Content (Rev. 608)(patch notes):
    - Build your ship block by block.
    - A lot of craftable decorative spaceship items like fins and thrusters for all races.
    - Craftable vanilla ship objects (Teleporter, Shiplocker ...)
    - ZERO gravity in space
    - Life support system which detects hull breaches.
    - "Modules in a box" Items which deploy into landing pods on the planets surface
    - Scanner to create your own modules in a box (compress a whole house into a single item) allowing all kinds of fun (i.e. land you spaceship!)
    - Tilesets for each race plus a glass tileset to counter the blockiness a bit.
    - Scoutships (WASD moveable, newtonian flight skimmers)
    - Mining Pod (WASD moveable, mines downwards,slow skimmer, SssSHakEs a Lo0T!)
    - Crew hanging around at work and rest places
    - Supports a growing list of modded races

    Human starter ship example:
    - Tilesets:
    The pic above shows one "human-tileset" blocktype and one "glass-tileset" blocktype automaticaly brought into shape by the "Tilesetter" object.
    Show Spoiler
    Video about the tileset by TooManySecrets (the middle part was so funny :))

    - Ship rule set/mechanics:
    Show Spoiler
    ZERO gravity and Life Support System shown in a video by TooManySecrets.:

    ZERO gravity:
    In order to have no gravity when outside of your spaceship you need to equip the "Ship" tech we spawn in your initial shiplocker. It works by detecting if there are no blocks around you or if there are blocks around you in case you wonder.

    - Modules in a box:
    For instructions about this functionality please see Rev. 172 patch notes and theese 3 videos.:
    Show Spoiler

    Deployment of Building printers or "modules":

    Scanning and deploying:

    - Scoutships:
    Show Spoiler

    - Installation:
    Show Spoiler
    - download the zip file (button above this page).
    - extract its content to ....../Starbound/mods/
    - if the game crashed when you try to select a character you might have to backup your starbound/player/ folder (your savegames) and afterwards delete all files in starbounds/player/
    - 1) create a new character
    - 2) if you want to import an existing character (not guaranteed this will work)
    The player is saved in 3 files with the same name (long sting of numbers and letters) but different endings in starbound/player. We want to delete the .shipworld file so that starbound creates a new default one (out of this mod) when you reenter the game with an existing character.
    - pick up all items you want to keep on your old ship (we will delete the whole ship map and all its content)
    - backupt starbound/player/ directory
    - delete the .shipworld file in /starbound/player belonging to the character in question (it stores only your ship). To figure out which file triplet belongs to which character you can keep only one triplet at the time inside the folder and launch starbound to see which character name it belongs to)
    - if you log in with that character again the game will not find the characters .shipworld file and create a new default one based on this mod if the mod is installed
    - you will have to unlock all starmap upgrades again as recipes are read and marked as known for your player from the list in /starbound/assets/player.config AND mods/madtulip/player.config THE MOMENT YOU USE THE UPDATE. As the player.config file of the mod might have come after you did the unlock first you will have to do the unlock again by using another starmap upgrade.

    - warning: if things are saved in your /player files that reference items or objects in the game which cant not be found anymore (because the savegame was created using a mod and the mod was deleted or replaced by an update afterwards) the game might crash once you enter the main menue or once you select a character. In this case you eigther have to remove the broken savegames OR you have to reinstall the mod or dependencies so that those items and objects requested by the savegames can be found again.

    - Review of this mod by RockPaperShotgun and others
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    - Known Bugs:
    - do not use the captainschair on a planet, it will crash the task.

    - FAQ:
    Show Spoiler
    - backup /player folder (your savegames)
    - delete content of /player folder
    - delete content of /mods folder
    - right click on game in steam ->properties->local files->validate file integrity
    - install only this mod (mods/madtulip and mods/modulaes_in_a_box)
    - star starbound
    - create a new character
    - check if you spawn on our custom ships containing a shipstation
    - if that worked close starbound and add next mod
    - check again if it works, if not -> blame the mod added last

    Custom Races:
    - see madtulip/universe.config and discussion thread (multiple occurances)
    - other race authors are wellcome to contact us in order to create custom ships for theire races using our assets and our mod as dependency.
    - currently supported: avali,argonian,elf,familiar,felin,grey,insectoid,kaenid,kangaru,mephetor,novakid+,reptan,shell

    - YES
    - All parties (all clients and the server) need to have the exact same files.

    Cant find/craft item XYZ:
    - You can see the tier requirements for all items in ..../mods/madtulip/player.config
    - Tiers unlock by killing bosses and crafting starmap upgrades

    I dont understand how item XYZ works:
    - see videos on this page
    - search in discussion thread

    - Plans for the future:
    - More mechanics for the space rule set
    - More spaceship parts to craft
    - Improvement of the existing
    - Crew AI (read: scripted as thats all humanity can do right now)

    - Ships made by users:
    Contest winner MagicHunter160:
    Show Spoiler

    By syteless :
    By Reetno :
    By rancor1223 :
    By kingdavve:
    By JakeZ:
    By Pohany:


    By Xentor Antarix:

    - Credits:
    - Module In A Box code was developed by Pilchenstein & MadTulip
    - VasVadum for helpfull suggestions and ShipStation filter code
    - Cgeta for suppliing images for computer screen objects
    - FormalRiceFarmr for his horizontal door code.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. DarthTrethon
    Version: Rev. 608
    One of the best and most essential Starbound mods.
  2. Captain Salt
    Captain Salt
    Version: Rev. 608
    Roll in the titans!!!
  3. Jeffreyadv
    Version: Rev. 608
    This i amazing and all but my question is in multiplayer can my friends see my ship customized?
  4. ravenvalentine
    Version: Rev. 608
    when i saw land your ship in starbound i was hinking that its just going to be a ship objects that i can decorate to look like my ship but when i saw the info i was staggered i am giving it a 5 the idea we all had but didnt think it was passable + most of us dont play the nightly and stick to modding the current game as it is but with no way to expand the ship the ship became dull and most got back to building on planets .. this however opend a new gate some thing the game developers needed to give us in the game... making our own ships the way we like based on smart tools and with out race's technology amazing i am downloading it and testing it as we speak... one thing i need to ask... dose it work with race mods ? most of us have a few more races added to there games and servers soo....
  5. Murhaaja59
    Version: Rev. 608
    Hey Madtulip i know that this mod is great and you probly wont read this but it would be great if this mod could work with other ship mods there is some good ships and i would like to have a already made ship with the posibility to destroy it
  6. Istvan002
    Version: Rev. 608
    one word: EPIC
  7. Darkness Wizard
    Darkness Wizard
    Version: Rev. 608
    The videos are offline!
  8. Ichy42
    Version: Rev. 608
    First off please don't misunderstand: I actually think FCS is a great mod. That said, by comparison, MadTulip's Spaceship Mod is *epic*. Custom objects and tiles sets, new crafting, exterior accents, and sexier curves await your next ship building project if you roll with this. This mod, in some form or capacity, should be integrated into the stock game and the developers deserve to be on the payroll to continue expanding and maintaining it.

    I now actually look forward to the end of a good planet run to come home to my ship and take advantage of all it's clean functionality. Here's my latest endeavor as one on the list of happy builders: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/25089932096209215/594FFB4E31B13D795E8C20F5776CD7F8DFB1EAF9/

    I ran out of stars so I can only give you a 5, good sirs.
  9. D9sinc
    Version: Rev. 608
    Love this mod it makes it so much worth while to not have to have a base on a planet and just make my ship this giant juggernaut (like you had in the video:D.) and I love the fact you have to get a decent amount in before you can start even developing the ship to keep it from being a bit easy to make your ship :D plus love the scoutships those are pretty cool.Keep up the good work kind Sir/Madam.
  10. TImthepotatoDragon
    Version: Rev. 608
    Awesome but crew is kinda werid